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    Newbie looking to buy in Cairns... Need advice!

    I am friends with a couple who moved from WA, Perth specifically because they could not afford property in Perth. They now have a mortgage on a unit in Holloways Beach that backs on to Hibiscus Lane, the most desirable address in Holloways Beach, the second beach from Cairns. So yes, there is...
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    Looking for help. Cairns locals chime in

    Depends.... My sister just bought at Goldsborough for $500k - 7 years old, 4 bedroom, huge shed, 4 acres, ride-on included. They are moving from Bentley Park where they have lived for 16 years because of the change of demographic. Unfortunately since the grog ban was implemented up in the...
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    Oh hi. I'm Elon Musk. Just changing the world again.

    I believe we have been exploited on energy costs (as with many other living expenses in Australia - data charges for one!). As a huge sunny, wide open country you would think energy would be cheap... but it's not... The potential is huge. Imagine schools with their huge roof spaces not having...
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    There is such thing as haunted houses?!

    Having bought and sold many beds (and other furniture) on GumTree to survive last year, a question that was more common than I ever expected was "Did anyone die on the bed'? I was amazed that so many people were concerned that someone had passed on a bed. We surely have to be more than the...
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    IP with wooden playhouse. Pro or Con?

    If the rest of the house lends itself to a family with young children renting it, I'd say it was a plus. Most parents have their children's well-being in mind when looking for a home to rent, and if presented well ("Imagine your precious children's delight when they see they have their own...
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    Lender options with new job

    I started a new job in January and was supposed to be on 6 month probation which limited my choice of lenders. I spoke to my current lender at the time (ANZ) and they said at least 3 months of payslips in the new job. After 3 months I asked my employer to reconsider the probation period, with a...
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    When an agent Photoshops photos online?

    Unless the agent stated that the image had been altered, that would constitute fraud in my book. Bit like seeing a Sony Bravia TV advertised and when you go to purchase it's a Kogan. "Hey, so we brushed it a bit"
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    When an agent Photoshops photos online?

    How is it fraud? Surely altering images to obscure details constitutes fraud! Its not just lightening or contrast, it's actual brushing out details from the image. Probably the worst crime is how badly they cloned grass into the area they wanted deleted.
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    When an agent Photoshops photos online?

    No dildo deletion, lol, more like vegetation alteration. Er, bush removal, call it Brazilian wax on a yard. But surely it's illegal to brush out any detail whatsoever. This is not just contrast and brightness alteration, it's obscuring detail.
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    When an agent Photoshops photos online?

    Thanks vtt I'm not angry by any means, but disappointed that an agent would think their clientele so dumb as to not notive a blatantly touched up image. You're right that I'm not going to let this spoil my potential purchase, as the property is still sound. But surely this constitutes fraud on...
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    When an agent Photoshops photos online?

    Hi. Interested in a property that so far has no other interest so prepared to offer agent $400k against $429k asking price. Have since found that at least one image published on by the agent has been photoshopped... Anyone been in this situation? Obviously I want to...
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    New computer set up

    If you have an iPad or an iPhone definitely consider purchasing an Apple computer. I made the switch from Windows to Mac a few years ago and have never looked back. Yes they cost more, but I find the expense worth it for the reliability and stability. Gone are the days of rebooting, constant...
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    Bank in Guernsey (with debit card)

    Hi My father has funds in a pension based in Guernsey from his mining days in Africa. He wishes to draw the pension as a lump sum but wants to keep with a bank in Guernsey and have a debit card attached to it. Can anyone suggest which of the 31 registered banks in Guernsey we might...
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    Do you have NBN?

    I guess it depends where the bottlenecks are. NBN is certainly an advantage if you are exchanging data within Australia, but given that we only have limited pipes to the rest of the world, providing everyone with high speed access is pointless if we hit a bottleneck as soon as we exchange data...