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    Has the bubble burst?

    Yes that data makes no sense to me either.
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    Homeloan interest rate - below 5%?

    Is it lo doc? Who is the lender?
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    Homeloan interest rate - below 5%?

    Yep another off the cuff comment from someone who has no idea about how the lending market is going right now. Having said that, I agree with Peter that if you are below 80% and above $250k, below 4.90% should be easy to achieve.
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    Dam those bubbles

    I agree and it's a real shame for me because all the good restaurants are fully licensed so to drink anything of any real calibre you have to pay through the nose - so I'd rather just drink a Coke.
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    Australian housing overvalued

    Judging by the auction results in my area I am a bit fearful. People are paying lots of money for small things, and my area isn't one with lots of foreign cash either...
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    Residential or commercial loan?

    Ok well I can help you if need be just give me a call and I'll look into it.
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    Residential or commercial loan?

    Speak to a broker about your options. The main issue will be - does the valuation stack up as a residential piece of land or will it only stack up as a commercial land valuation using the DA as a value-add?
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    Which way is the economy heading?

    You can't really compare a 6 figure white collar job to someone working at Bunnings. Not everyone wants the same type of work, nor do we need so many. Don't think people who work at Bunnings would be buying property in Elwood on any measure.
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    Close down PPOR redraw to borrow more?

    Why not maximise the loan against your PPOR first if you need funds for investing post-mat leave? Loc or redraw no difference in that situation.
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    Wyndham Harbour Project

    Where's Werribee?
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    SMSF Legal Question

    Disregarding whatever is said in a deed is tantamount to saying the whole operation is a sham. That was my point.
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    Why not include GST in the price?

    Yep because cash isn't a valid method of payment for services rendered...we aren't in the 23rd century yet.
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    SMSF Legal Question

    That's right if they are the trustee. However, technically speaking a separate legal person is the trustee, hence a trust can be formed. Of course it's not a sham in the legal sense of the word - unless you are trying to represent something otherwise than it legally ought to be? It...
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    Why not include GST in the price?

    Yet according to some people I'm a tax cheat. Love the hypocrisy.
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    SMSF Legal Question

    I am sure if you were a family lawyer you would be saying it is a sham? I dunno