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    Adelaide 2 houses for sale

    Hello Yes it makes it far easier to sell a house if no tenants are in, that is exactly what I was waiting for (for the tenants to move out). The Blakeview house has never been without tenants for more than a week. It allows me to market the property to both first home buyers and investors...
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    Adelaide 2 houses for sale

    Land Tax in SA has just been reduced by a reasonable amount. 100K threshold up from 50K. I take it all back!!!
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    Adelaide 2 houses for sale

    :D Whoops Yes there are always people worse off than ourselves. I still think that investing in property is the best way to go even though my circumstances have changed, and I am trying to start my own business, I will be investing in more property some time down the track and of course I will...
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    Adelaide 2 houses for sale

    Hi Acey Ducey You make a fair point but I reckon this is probably just the natural lag effect Adelaide tends to have (last to rise - last to fall). I was tired and cranky last night but I think the general attitude that all landlords are rich (which the state govt is portraying) is...
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    Adelaide 2 houses for sale

    Hello No I have not been that active (until this week) in trying to sell them. Thats why Im visiting the forum. I have just created a webpage to try and sell Blakeview, and I advertised in the news messenger on wednesday. If I can successfully sell Blakeview privately then I will give Skye a...
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    Adelaide 2 houses for sale

    Hello I have 2 investement properties for sale in Adelaide with the following specifications. Suburb Blakeview $180K 40 mins North of Adelaide cbd(@35km). It is 10 mins walk to the Munno Para shopping centre, and within walking distance to all schools etc etc. Small 3 bedroom home on...
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    CRC on "the windows'??

    After trying lots of different methods the fastest and easiest way, is to buy one of those big scrapers I think its imaginatively called "the big scraper" and most hardware stores carry them. Im sure preventative measures work like tape, and being carefull and precise when painting (never...
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    Financial problems

    Hello I suppose its not nice to have to do this however if anyone can help me they are likely to be on this forum. I lost my job in August last year, and thought it was a great time to start renovating a house that I had been renting out. I feel I did a pretty good job on the renovation and...
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    Adelaide a lost cause......

    I think the only way the big M wil stay in Adelaide is if they do the following : Make a car that looks better than the commodore. Make a car that is more powerful than the commodore. Whatever you do, don't call it a Magna. Look at the Mazda 3 and 6, what a fantastic looking car, when I...
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    How to tile over floorboards

    Sorry to have to disagree, I have used a 2 part rubber adhesive called isoflex. I have probably layed about 5 medium sized rooms over the years with this stuff, and I swear by it. I have never had to worry about a cracked tile, I have layed it over chipboard, and pine floorboards. It costs...
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    The Bathroom and How

    A tip for drilling through ceramic tiles, instead of using a masonary drill bit, use a glass drill bit (a drill bit used to cut through glass). They go through ceramic tiles like a hot knife through butter. An comparision, it took at least a minute to drill a 5mm hole through a particular tile...
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    creaking floorboards

    Ear muffs or a walkman can also help
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    Do you find a Laptop is useful, for investment purposes?

    I find laptops for investement purposes not a good idea. Every laptop I have ever owned has gone down in value :) Seriously though I use mine all the time. I had tennants moving into a house on saturday, so I set the notebook up at the house, and proceeded to take about 300 photos. The...
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    The Bathroom and How

    In SA on the renovation I have just completed, thankfully they tiled behind these items, I would have thought it would be far harder to tile around a mirror etc, and as far as cost is concerned, a couple of tiles and some grout, would be far cheaper than the time taken for the tiler to leave...
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    disheartened by renovation

    Hello I panicked when I could not sell the house, due to the time of the year and the fact its a summer house with a pool etc, I thought the attraction of the house would be minimal, and also I was starting to believe all the negative points the estate agent kept talking about, quite frankly...