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    Tenant just sms to cancel viewing Sat morning

    It was all sorted and tenant ok and house ok. One group showed up and are interested. Thanks for all the comments. They were helpful.
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    Tenant just sms to cancel viewing Sat morning

    I will go there tomorrow. If she is not home, can i use my key to go thru?
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    Tenant just sms to cancel viewing Sat morning

    Because its rude and bad business to have an open house and not be there for the prospects with only 11 hours notice. 2 or 3 days notice would be ok. And it lets them know its ok to do that for the next landlord. Its not ok.
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    Property Manager Terminates Themselves After Being Questioned???

    I was sacked too. They kicked out a tenant because she wasn't A grade (I didn't realise they were always chasing her for the rent. But then they made 5 errors. I picked them up and asked them to fix which they did. Then they refunded me money and said as I couldn't trust them anymore, I could...
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    Tenant just sms to cancel viewing Sat morning

    My IP is in WA. Last Friday tenant gave me 13 days notice that she was breaking lease and moving out. On Wednesday I sms her (no email address) to confirm Sat 10am viewing ok. She said yes. Advertised and have prospects ready to inspect. 11 hours to go and she sms me to cancel and say she...
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    Signed new contract but no money handed over

    Tenant has bond together now. Just need 2 weeks rent and she will have that next Wednesday. Can we adjust the contract for a new starting day?
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    Signed new contract but no money handed over

    Yes she has a copy. She's not in the house. Still not been able to come up with the bond and rent. She approached Dept of Housing for it and they needed the lease in order to process it. But they rejected her because she already has a debt with them. She is trying another couple of methods to...
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    Signed new contract but no money handed over

    Hi, My IP is in WA. New tenant signed the tenancy form but hasn't come up with the bond or rent so not moved in. Was supposed to move in last week. Can't get the centrelink loan for it and she is not answering my messages. I'm readvertising for new tenants. Is there something I need to do...
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    Reasonable expectations from a PM

    One of my houses has a dishwasher which works fine for my handyman but the tenant can't figure it out. She doesn't use it and she is happy not to use it. It keeps coming up on the inspection report as not working. It's not the PM's job to figure out if something works or not, though it is...
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    Townsville help with managing agents

    I have used Virgo and Patterson for the last couple of years. They have been good and easy to work with. Always helpful and easy to contact. Naturally had a couple of small hiccups which were fixed after a phone call. They take good photos for inspections. The agents (Coral Sea Property)...
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    External door broken

    Hi, The tenant reported the glass in the external door is broken and she doesn't know how it happened. Does she need to pay for the replacement? It's cheaper to replace the door than the glass. Thanks for your help.
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    How many different lenders are you using right now?

    ING = excellent Rams = fabulous CBA = serves the purpose and was my starter
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    Please kick my tyres.....

    Hi there, Interesting reading and well done. There are 2 camps for property. Some people have a mix of both. Negative gearing Positive gearing Negative gearing = great cap growth if chosen well though you are paying for tenants to live in your IP. This strategy used for gaining equity...
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    What to do next in the face of bad economy? 1 PPOR & 4 IPs

    If handwringing is taking more energy than buying more IP's, why not hold steady and pay down your PPOR (into your offset) till you feel like you don't need to handwring anymore. Once paid down to a level you are happy with, save up for another IP. Sometimes, we need to get ok with the...
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    interest only or principal and interest ?

    Work out how you want to be living when you are 65 and where the money is coming from to support your income. To be financially free, that income will either come from; Rent from rental properties Business income Interest from a couple of mil in cash in the bank Dividends from Shares Buy...