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    Drugs and Prostitution vital to the economy

    Interesting. Well at least it all helps paint a more accurate picture of where our country stands.
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    Awesome formula

    Cheers Leo. (I just happened to comment on something else you posted too I think) Gents, Anthony Robbins has released this book/audio series on Mastering Money. I was on a 800km drive and listening to a bit of it as you do in Australia right :-) Couldn't really get far into it. To simply...
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    What's going on in Brisbane

    Leo's point really stood out. I feel you find out by those on the ground (and I don't mean Agents you don't know) and up in Townsville, where I am in now, I speak with an owner of a Realestate Company. (The owner, not the staff) We've developed trust and he knows dealing with me means repeated...
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    Investor Group in Townsville Open for just about all. Please no Agents or Brokers selling services the group is to small for that at the moment. If your not on meetup but in Townsville, please feel free to join us anyway or join me for a coffee.
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    Dot Com Boom and Bust - What were you doing?

    Lord Shanghai, I live in Shanghai half the year. I was just finishing high school and business at Tafe. I remember this and just a little from the late 80's. Then September 11 2001. At the same time I was reading money books talking about the markets going up steadily over medium to long term...
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    Suggestion on what to do when the PM really messes up, repeatedly

    Hi there, thanks for you time and care. Although it seems obvious Suggestion on what to do when the PM really messes up, repeatedly? Yes we can leave them, however the property is in Darwin and we have heard most PM's up there are.... The old tenant moved out, a new tenant was...
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    Awesome formula

    Cheers Leo, I love Tony. Yeah for sure the formula will have some flaws. If you look deeply at a lot of formula's you may find them. His formula is meant to be abstract and not overly analyzed. Or it may have a story behind it. Tony has a new book on Wealth coming out. I would strongly...
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    Should we re think our strategy?

    Sexyv40, Thanks for such a great post, really brought up some good responses. I just like to highlight that I see your situation as being in a good place and not sure what place to go next. Your wording, "we only have 2 x IP's" and I see you have done a few other deals. It sounds like...
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    Another house or share market

    Some great advice here. My question would be, whats the purpose of asking? It's a very broad question. So as Leo and perhaps other people may have asked, whats your goal? If unsure perhaps figuring out where you want to be will help more than the specifics as to what exactly to invest in.
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    how to make $110k 12mths without quitting my day job

    Great stuff. Love reading all the comments, thanks for sharing!
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    My latest development - 4 dwellings in Melbourne

    Thanks for this post. That was great. Well done mate!
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    Swimming Pools: Concrete or fiberglass?

    For me, a concrete one is a lot better.
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    Idle Timeout

    I also experienced this just now.
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    Advice for a newbie

    That was a good advice Joey1. I also learned from you.
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    Investing in Townhouses?

    I have found this works fine if you are looking for short to medium term capital growth so as to leverage against and build your portfolio faster.