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    wascally webinar

    Reply: 1 From: Rae B Tony, Can't seem to track down that wascally webinar. Where did you find it? Wrap U L8TR Rae
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    Quantity Surveyor - New House - Brisbane

    Reply: From: Rae B H Craig, One QS in Brisbane is Deppro (formerly known as Herron Todd White). Address is: Suite /1177 Logan Road MT Gravatt East QLD 07) 3420 5755 No, I'm not working for them, however, I have just had them come and inspect one...
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    QS in Brisbane

    Reply: From: Rae B Hi Bob, You will find their contact details on their website at Their Brisbane number is 07) 3420 5755. I have just had an inspection done this week, so am awaiting the written proforma. However, they seemed fairly good so far. Regards, Rae
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    Refinancing 101

    Reply: 1.1.1 From: Rae B Thanks Rolf and Tibor. I will be back in Brissie next week for a weeks holiday away from Timor before returning for another three months, so hopefully I will be able to square things away whilst I am home. Thanks again for your valuable comments. Regards...
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    Refinancing 101

    From: Rae B Hi all, Am currently overseas (E. Timor) and have been asked by alot of potential Property investors about the ins and outs of refinancing IO loans once the initial 5yr period runs out. As I am yet to experience the joys with my own loans, I am at a loss to what information to...
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    Great Book

    Reply: 1 From: Rae B Hi Dale, I totally agree with your comments. I am just about to read it again for the second time. A must for everyone aspiring to great wealth. Rae
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    Reply: From: Rae B Rolf, Am with ANZ for 2 x IP's and PPOR, and Bnk of Mlb for other IP. Regards, Rae
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    Reply: 1.1 From: Rae B Rolf, Thanks for your response. Is it possible to refinance with a different lender whilst I am out of country? Regards, Rae
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    From: Rae B Hi all, I am just playing around with some ideas and would like some advice or way out thinking to help me dream more. The situation is this: I control three IP's (one -ve & 2 +ve - all IO). I have also recently (8mths) purchased PPOR and am renting half of it. I currently...
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    Own Property a Tax Deduction

    Reply: From: Rae B Thanks for all your valuable information. Just on a side note in keeping with the topic: I am deploying to Timor for 6 months with the Army and my friend is going to continue renting my house. Does this now mean that I can claim the property as 100% IP...
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    Own Property a Tax Deduction

    From: Rae B Hi all, Just a quick question which I am having difficulties finding the answers for. I recently bought an IP and had it rented out for a couple of months prior to moving in to renovate it. I currently rent out half the house to a friend. This is our baptism into buying and...
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    high LVR

    Reply: 1 From: Rae B Hi Anon, Depends on what you feel comfortable with. If you can sleep at night with a high LVR, then go for it. If not, then take your accountants advice. I have recently bought my fourth property (which I live in half and rent the other half out) and my LVR is in the...
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    1st property - occupy or rent?

    Reply: 1 From: Rae B Todd, Another scenario to your 1a) is to buy your house and then 12-18mths later, have it revalued and use the equity in it to buy your IPs. (Dependent on your disposable monthly income.) Something else you need to look at is: are you able to rent cheaper than net...