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    unauthorised water usage?

    1/ Read your meter and compare it to reading on the bill 2/ Turn water off at mains 3/ Lock the mains valve
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    NSW Street names database

    I just thought of a place where a list of street names are shown. have a look at the filter dropdown list poking around I found you can access a listing of javascript code of street names. example
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    NSW Street names database

    I found this site that has postcodes and distance from CBD. My only suggestion is to scan the index pages from a street directory and use Optical Character Recognition software to convert it into data. Certainly meets the requirement of Free.
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    Best funnies for ppt presentations Look for the ghost Caution very scary.
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    language translator

    If they have a Nintendo DS there is a translator called "Just in time translations" It does Spanish, French, Chinese, German and Japanese. Common phrases and pronounces the word for you.
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    salary packaged cars

    Hi, Make sure you do the Kms to avoid higher FBT rate and watch the maintenance and fuel costs. It is no fun having to fork over extra money if you run over budget. I had a novated lease for 8 years. The killer is FBT. If you travel daily and can reach 25000kms per year then FBT is...
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    DS Games

    There are thousands of games for the DS. I can understand how daunting it is to select a suitable game for your children. My girls are now 14 and 17 and have been playing the gameboy and ds for more than 10 years. My two girls enjoyed the following games:- The Legend Of Zelda: Phantom...
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    Cadbury Chocolate

    I wrote a complaint letter. Below is the response I got back. Maybe my complaint worked. No, more likely plummeting sales of their flagship items. Thank you for taking time to contact us regarding our New Look products. At Cadbury, we are committed to providing people with quality...
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    Gold Coast Family Holiday

    We have been to the Gold Coast each year for 12 years. Been to the theme parks countless times. Dreamworld is best for young kids. Seaworld is also entertaining seeing the animals and shows. We stay near Southport so for a reasonable cheap meal we go to the Southport Workers Club. Most meals...
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    Which Mobile Phone

    For a year now I have a Nokia 6233 and I added a 2 gb SD card so I can listen to music or audiobooks on the train. In my opinion Nokia make the most robust and easiest to use phones. I also had a Nokia 3120 for 5 years before the new one. Go Nokia
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    odds of a blue sky in Beijing

    I was in Beijing in Autumn of 2007, Late March early April and saw blue sky for several days. This was mainly due to the wind blowing all the smog away. The wind was cold on the day we arrived in Tianimen Square, it then dropped off to leave several days in the 16-20C tempearatures and clear skys.
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    9.20pm ABC Difference of Opinion - Housing Affordability

    I thought it was really boring. No new ideas Causes of house affordability 1/ Credit availabability 2/ Supply and demand Solutions 1/ Release More land 2/ Control the issuing of credit I turned off mid way through and surfed the web instead.
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    Travelling with kids

    I have camped on the Gold Coast with my family from a very young age. We still go to the Gold Coast every September and still thoroughly enjoy it. This is in no way qualifies me to answer your question. Except to say that the memories are worth every cent. :) I would recomend you search the...