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    No longer in charge of the asylum

    Invest it wisely :D
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    No longer in charge of the asylum

    After over 23 years of dealing with the inmates [tenants] of my industrial complex and before that as Senior Property Manager at Raine & Horne, North Sydney and before that 10 years of of being a REA, I will be free from tenants for the first time in over 40 years when the sale of my property...
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    End of an Era

    Only been a member for a few months, wonderful resource for property investors and kudos to those who have shared their knowledge through these pages. I am sure PropertyChat will be just as successful :D
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    Whose buying? Investors or PPOR's

    Comment in todays SMH Letters to the Editor page 'Most property purchases now are for investors or for tax avoidance reasons' True or not?
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    Is it safe to lightly sand asbestos?

    The asbestos corrugated roof of an outhouse burnt down on my property in the 1970's, I, with my then 11 year old son cleaned it up ... my son died of mesothelioma when he was 37, I am still alive. His oncologist told me some people are more susceptible to this disease, others it wont affect ...
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    Bridging Loan

    I know, last year when discussing this with bank manager, was told probably OK, now it called 'responsible lending' - I do understand - just looking to see if there are any alternatives :)
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    Bridging Loan

    Sold my commercial property, intend to buy house then sell my present home. Wanted a small [enough to cover Stamp Duty] bridging loan to cover me until my house sold, estimate at most 3 months, bank told me to look for a cheaper home :p Wanted money for buffer in case I see a house to buy...
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    Polished Porcelain Tiles

    Inspected a house with tiling in all living areas, there were 3 badly damaged tiles, would have cost a fortune to replace all the tiling.
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    Does Swimming pool adds value to property as far resell concern

    Am looking for a house at the moment - am avoiding houses with a pool. Unfortunately there are more houses with a pool than those without! I have heard it costs about $20,000 to fill in the hole :eek:
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    what happens to house prices during a recession

    I was around when the last recession happened, shortage of stock - vendors hanging on in the hope prices would rise, frustrated buyers :(
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    Recommendations for DIY sale of your IP

    I used 'For Sale for Lease' to sell my commercial property, they were excellent and I intend to use them when I put my house on the market shortly. ;)
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    Do you know your neighbours names?

    I dont know my neighbour's names either, I usually walk down to Fingal Beach every morning and talk to the others who also walk at the same time, realised after a couple of years of talking to my neighbour 3 doors down one morning his and my ggrandfather were brothers :D
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    What's a good printer ?

    I have been using Canon Pixma's for as long as they have been around, buy generic inks which last well and have got a lot of use from them.
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    Seriously will Syd ever stop going up?

    I am old enough to have watched this happen years ago ...