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    End of an Era

    I just heard about the forum, have not been on for a few days ...or didn't scroll up high enough to see the neon message at the top. It is like hearing about a friends death. There are other property sites that I have stumbled across over the years (other than Propertyinvesting), have shortcuts...
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    Hang laundry on balcony visible from the street? legal?

    I have a cute female neighbour who dries her washing on her balcony, and often walks around in only her underwear. I sure hope they don't enforce the no drying on the balcony rule, or she buys a second set of underwear. Nah, just kidding!! :D
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    Is it safe to lightly sand asbestos?

    Everyone had better stay in bed tomorrow because there is a bigger chance of being killed on the road - crossing it or driving on it. On second thoughts, don't stay in bed, you may be killed in a house fire (as has unfortunately happened in recent days). I had paint flaking on the fibro on...
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    DSR Scores for suburbs - Accurate?

    I just logged on to Boomtown to have sticky at what it currently shows for some burbs I am interested in. Firstly I noticed that it is missing SOM figures, then noticed it was last updated in March. Went to Hotspotcentral website to try from there, the same. Has Boomtown become Ghostown and now...
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    Location of Agent to rental property

    It is all relevant to where you are located, traffic, density of area. My PM is about 15-20 min/ 11 km/ 3 suburbs beyond. This is within the local area and consistent population between. They manage quite a few in the area, so I am not a one off. On the other hand, I had a PM who was a bit...
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    Overhead transmission Wires - how far away ok

    I would have thought that the negative impact of the power lines would have already been reflected in the valuation, therefore bank/insurers risk is no more than normal. And the valuation is likely to be on the lower safe side of the range.
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    Location of Agent to rental property

    My last 2 have been about 20-25 minutes away, reasonably close. 30 minutes is probably a good limit. Location is only relevant to tenant signing up, picking up/dropping keys off. tradies ditto with keys. Agents quite often range a little further so not a great issue as they will group 1/4ly...
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    Overhead transmission Wires - how far away ok

    Hold a light bulb in the front yard at night and see if you get any glow :D Actually I think a fluro tube can if close enough, can't remember where I read that. Regardless of reality, perception of danger is what deters people and has houses sitting on the market for ages. 100m is very...
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    Wagga Wagga

    I might know this place, was following the DOH sales closely for a couple of years until too many property groups started flogging Wagga, especially from ACT I was told ;) Care to share the address or PM me if it was a DOH which sounds like it was at that price. I didn't mind Mount Austin. A...
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    Hidden Gems of Regional Investment

    Don't tell me Starofdavid reinvented himself as Rabbi, that would be so stupid and obvious. Yeah, I guess it fits :D No! Don't don't mention the coffee, that brings back a visual of SOD siting at a table at a cafe with his laptop opened up to this forum, shortly before throwing his...
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    Has anybody ever installed Bunnings acrylic splashbacks?

    I would be concerned with scratching, especially if someone other than yourself was trying to clean splashed food off it - in case they don't engage brain first. I suspect even a nylon scourer would scratch, or one that accidentally picked up some grit from somewhere such as after cleaning dirty...
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    How to know High Crime Rate or Housing Commission location ?

    This is good also It even has street numbers so you dont have to guess them like on the police site which hides them to protect the not so innocent. Warning - you might get a surprise to find out how much is going on around you :eek: I find Streetview is a good source...
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    house rules / reno rumble

    I'm another one who came to the same conclusion. I find the people generally on House Rules are irritating, especially the first series with the bull dog and dopey :D who are now on RR, whereas with The Block the people are more palatable even with D&D being ****holes sometimes. Its like...
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    Experience with The Public Trustee

    As for using PT - avoid, useless. They don't charge to set up a will but the admin fees for dealing with your estate are a bit high. I considered it at one stage and went in for an appointment to have my will drawn up - which I already had written out and just needed to be tweaked for more...
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    Different sold prices on Pricefinder and

    Mistakes do occur. I remember one regional auction I attended and the property was sold for about $160k and and OnTheHouse later showed it sold for high 200's, and not just one wrong digit or any of them switched around. Corrected a few months later. High 200's was believable if you did...