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    Good rental for sale in Strathmore - VIC

    Quick update - all sold :) thanks for looking.
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    Good rental for sale in Strathmore - VIC

    Got out of it actually - it is still doing well in Bendigo though. Now I am CFO/COO at a lighting business :)
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    Good rental for sale in Strathmore - VIC

    Hi guys, Our place is on the market and coming up for first open this weekend. Has been a good home to us for the last 3 years, and is a great entry townhouse in one of the premium suburbs of Melbourne's north. Love the house and it has been built to a really good standard as you can...
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    Parents downsizing. Financing Question

    Murphy, Drop them my number if they need a local opinion on a place they are looking at. Happy to help. Ben
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    Parents downsizing. Financing Question

    Hi Murphy, Buying subject to finance is a lot stronger an offer than buying subject to sale. where are you looking in Bendigo? Might find $300k is an achievable price point? Ben
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    Tenanted commercial project in Sydney

    The group has just listed a site in NSW, 5 tenants, anchored by a mini-major. Good development potential, zoned Mixed use, 3 street frontages with 7,500sqm approx land. Price approx $10m with approx 7% return. Address and details available on request. 0477 277 568.
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    Fitness gadgets and Apps

    i use sleep cycle to track my sleeping patterns, also helps to keep you focused on getting a good rest which is as important as exercising in my opinion.
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    Your advice appreciated: Buying a free standing property facing a car park

    it would be really handy when having a party to have heaps of car parking available?
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    Minimum width for driveway City of Whitehorse

    call the town planning department or a draftsman in the area.
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    Offers with conditions to achieve win-win

    FYI as an agent i would never recommend this to a vendor. and by the way, if she is a pensioner about to go into a home why do you think she has a handy $40k sitting in the draw?
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    Bendigo - New Development Areas

    Pricing in Bendigo at the moment is varying depending on what you are after and where. It has developed a lot of micro markets. Development and sub-divideable blocks are having big swings at the moment as well. As a general rule prices have moved up 3-5% each year for the last couple, before...
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    Bendigo - New Development Areas

    550-650sqm, not tiny.
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    Glenroy and Pascoe vale

    i bought twice in Glenroy in 2008/09. The suburb had a big boom and bust. To give you an idea, a 700sqm block i bought on Hilda st had the following transactions on it: Mid 2007: Buyer 1 buys for $290k Early 2008: I buy it for $348k Late 2008: I sell it for $420k Mid 2009: People who buy off me...
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    Bendigo - New Development Areas

    To answer the OP's questions, No, you cannot build a house worth $310k and get $400/week in Bendigo at the moment. The current rental market is soft, due to a natural cyclical lull at this time of the year and an addition of a lot of new builds in the rental market. There are currently...
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    Rates drop 25bp

    Anthony Woodman? Good guy, we use him a bit and just sold his neighbours house!