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    Urgent Feedback for Covenant on property

    How difficult is to get rid of covenant on property build in 1990 ? Contract of sale had only mention of some "covenant on property " but details were not included in it ,solicitor later on found conditions as below. 1) only single dwelling is permitted with usual outbuilding 2) property...
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    Melbourne Solicitor Recommendation

    thanks littletee ...will check them out
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    PM Outer North Melbourne

    Any recommendation for PM around outer north Melbourne suburbs...roxburgh park,meadow heights,glenroy,coolaroo ?
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    Melbourne Solicitor Recommendation

    Afternoon Folks...i have gone through many threads & found some information,though would like to get some more options & approximate price for solicitor /conveyancer service. Thanks!!
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    How to make 100k in your spare time.

    Good luck with your venture...Tuned in for future updates :)