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    Does any one know the Bundamba areas forecast.

    Interestingly, i just saw this headline, for what it's worth
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    2020 - Perth airport - Forestfield - Bayswater underground rail

    Similarly, what happened to the lightrail promise? I guess that still might happen.
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    Busy Roads?

    I was wondering the same thing, when I saw this fairly large block on a busy intersection advertised back in April. Now it's July, and it's still on the market....
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    Bridging Finance Vs Relocation Vs IP Switch

    We've recently been through a similar scenario. Perhaps our strategy could help you make a decision. We had quite stringent requirements for our next home and a limited budget - so for this elusive perfect house, we wanted to be in the best position to make an offer - to have pre-approved...
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    Nearmap Aerial View personal 1 Yr $79

    This came up via my google alerts
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    House plan Software has a free consumer trail, and can pay more for better tools
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    OnTheHouse -values jumped up beyond realistic recently?

    so i did exactly that - entered legitimate information and selected a valid guesstimate value... ... now their guesstimate is almost $300k above the value i selected ? :S
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    OnTheHouse -values jumped up beyond realistic recently?

    Excellent idea! I think i'll do that too. I suppose the more people that do this, the better websites like this will get.
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    Land measurements

    daftlogic, great website, thanks for sharing!
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    Perth - What's your suburb worth

    oh that's pretty cool, thanks I did not know that :)
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    Perth - What's your suburb worth

    cool thanks incidentally found this on ozbargain today "You can have access to RP Data's exclusive property report by simply allowing an expert Resi lending specialist to get in touch by phone, or email, to discuss your specific situation."
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    Land measurements

    accuracy unknown
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    Perth TV studios could be sold for resi dev

    In the news today: I'd love to hear your opinions on the potential impact of this, should it actually go ahead.
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    Paying IP expenses from LOC

    I can't specifically talk to your quoted text (is there a source for that quote, or is it a paraphrase?). I'm also a newbie, so I'm interested in hearing what some of the pro's suggest :) Some of the benefits lie in the simplicity of having all investment related expenses on a single account...
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    Time in the market vs Timing the market another thread about the same article