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    When can I justify buying a nice car?

    I have no idea what sort of car your chasing, but my 1996 rusty Hilux has taken me more places in this country than most ppl will ever see, before I got it, i was keen on a fast flashy car, but seen the light, get something that you can take off the beaten track, plus u will never be scared of...
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    Views on Fixing

    I already toyed with the idea of moving all my loans to CBA, would have cost me approx 7k with LMI, that's about a years worth of savings dropping from 6.19% to 4.99% best off just staying with current lenders at this stage. As I have stated before, offset is useless to me at then moment, I...
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    Views on Fixing

    Long term hold is my goal, no selling, not at this stage, still acquiring IP's my two properties with Rams are very high with the LVR as the market has moved backwards a little. CBA is about 80% LVR... As for offsets, no point at the moment as I have a LOC with the CBA loan that I need to pay...
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    Views on Fixing

    Have three loans coming up out of a fixed rate (6.19%). CBA: 300K Rams: 196K Rams: 196K Rams loans will be variable rate of 5.1% CBA loan will be 5.2% Good savings on the change to variable rate, but are thinking of 3yr fixed rates. Staying with the same lenders as LMI will kill any...
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    Turning a Duplex into a Triplex

    I have been sitting on my current duplex for almost 5yrs now, it has a massive block storage area at the front of the duplex, this is split in two and shared by the current tenants there... It will need power and water hooked up, possibly have to upgrade the entire power box for the duplex...
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    Tennant issue how to kick out

    Ok, My friend rents and has got a flat mate to help out with rent, it is not working out and she wants her out ASAP. This new flat mate is not on the lease or does the realestate know about this new flat mate.... what time dose she need to give her or can she just put all her stuff out side...
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    Ideas for looking for jobs

    To start with looking at getting some cash, we are saving for our wedding later on in the year.... Long term plan will to be to get some qualifications, but will focus on that after our wedding, unless she can make up her mind on which one she would like to do...:rolleyes:
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    Ideas for looking for jobs

    She did a lot of both, in person and online as most of the bigger shops this is now the only way... She would love to get into photography or work in a florist store, we have looked at the idea of doing some short courses in these areas. This may be the way to go to get that edge. Once...
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    Ideas for looking for jobs

    My partner has now got all the kids at school and is now looking for a job, we have looked for the last month applying to many jobs and placing expressions of intrest. She is looking a job in retail. However is proving hard to get any work at them moment. She has been out of the work force...
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    JDL strategies

    If you studied the area before you bought, why not just buy off your own back??
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    USA military base for Darwin

    No not true, 5/7 RAR split and 7 RAR moved to Adelaide, 5 RAR stayed in Darwin... The unit is no smaller in size or role after the split....
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    QLD's bread and butter properties

    Here is a house just down the road from a few of my IP's... Has most of the work done for it, tho needs a new kitchen IMHO, the rest of the house is fine (personally have walked through it the other day while painting my IP on the same street)...
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    Duplex reno

    Stay posted for some before and after shots of the outside of the duplex... should have new fence in and paint done by the end of the week, then Reval time:D
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    Where to buy baby stuff (pram, clothing, beds, etc)...?

    Try the Facebook buy/swap/sell groups in your local area... Just like a garage sale, except you dont waste half your day driving around town too look at something that you may not be looking for. Just look at all the posts and pictures too see what your after...
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    What to expect of PM?

    I have had a few tenants pay a few days late, no biggy... Im talking only a few days, my PM has only sent me one letter stating that one of my tenants was 5 days late, she made a quick phone call to the tenant and all sorted... Over all my tenants have all paid on time. I wouldnt stress too...