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    Zillmere and Geebung in North Brisbane

    Check the BCC floodmaps to confirm, but in my due diligence, most of Zillmere and Geebung is pretty floodsafe. Again, do your own homework to confirm.
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    Are Chinese boom suburbs the mining boom suburbs of tomorrow

    Hard to say. I keep a close eye on schooling enrollments and waiting lists in a couple of Chinese suburbs in Sydney. The prestigious and high-performing high schools cannot keep up with Chinese demand. Seriously, a friend of mine is a teacher at a school near Epping, NSW. She said that waiting...
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    market near the top

    Guys just confirming the context of this thread is explicitly Sydney only? No one has specified that anywhere... Assuming a Sydney context then yes I absolutely concur. Other major markets are obviously at very different times/points on their property clocks right now. Just wanted to flag...
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    Geelong opinions

    Thanks for the insights guys - much appreciated :)
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    Geelong opinions

    Hi folks - 2 years on from this thread and just wondering if any of the posters ended up buying in Geelong? If so, how has growth and tenancy been, since your purchase?
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    Will Brisbane outperform Sydney over the next 12 months?

    John Henry, the question you ask of Brisbane re: who is going to live in all those apartments... I'd ask the same of Sydney too. I have been reading conflicting reports about the actual volume of units being built. Sure, there is very high demand in Sydney in the inner 5km ring for new...
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    What do you consider a casual "walking distance"?

    Casual - 5-10 minute walk so maybe 750-1000m? Walk to daily transport though - that is another story. When considering IP's for this factor of an overall walk-score, I define the 'Goldilocks' zone to be 500-1500m walk to train/bus station (hill factor notwithstanding!). People might say...
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    Buying the Dymphna program!!

    Bipolar Bear; my advice is echoing others. I can unabashedly say that this (free, 24 hrs, 'answers in your pocket on any subject in AUS property') very Somersoft forum has literally changed my financial life. Seriously, if it is a mentor you seek, invest not money, but time into this forum and...
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    AirBnB Success Stories

    Bummer, did they actually write in a by-law banning it and did all owners get an opportunity to vote on the by-law? Guessing that most NIMBY owner-occupiers in blocks would vote no anyway :/
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    Does Brisbane still stack up?

    I saw that piece from Hockey, I dont like the man at all but I dont think that was a gaffe as such, unlike his 'poor people dont drive cars' gaffe. I think by 'good' job/income he was just meaning within the context of the target price range someone wants to buy at. I.e. buy at a range you...
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    Sydney Silliness Warnings 2015

    Concur! I just did 3 x customer-ordered-vals a couple weeks ago for suburbs spread out across the Sydney inner, middle, outer rings. All three of them came back with a score of '4' for that section of risk factors pertaining to 'market conditions/changes'. I was initially alarmed but my...
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    I'm calling it... 2015 is the peak

    Bayview, as soon as I am able to escape the rat race of Sydney, I too will be high-tailing the f**k outta here, at least for a good few years. Packing more human sardines into the squashy boxes of Sydney seems to be the plan for this city, sadly. Too many people. And I'm not exactly sure many...
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    Sydney Silliness Warnings 2015

    I think if APRA really cuts the legs off of local investors, it'll see a reduction in Sydney investment by locals, simply because at the paultry DSRs and LVRs that lenders will allow, no 'mum and dad' local investor would realistically have the means to touch Sydney. Those folks will go...
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    First IP in Sydney with 800k deposit?

    Echoing others here; I'd avoid Sydney altogether for at least a couple of years. If I were you... Baring in mind that this would be your first property purchase, I know it seems daunting to buy in another state, but I'd be considering other states beyond NSW. The SEQ area (and yes, I'm...
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    Sydney Silliness Warnings 2015

    Windy and Gatoblanco (you Portuguese by any chance?); Chin up; like Cliff said, it is never to late to start. The first property you buy is always the hardest; but it does get easier; and much quicker too, with every successive IP buy thereafter. Use this 'saving' time not only to save, but to...