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    Development Project Management

    Gday, Have a chat to Jacon Parry (said Jason) at SCM Projects, has plenty of energy and knowledge - his number is 0407 011 369. Currently doing a small project (5 townhouses) for one of my clients. Cheers Manuel
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    Lending for commercial construction (5 storey office block)

    Mate most lenders should do 65% on - comp. You just need to ensure that there is adequate pre-leasing commitments before constructions commences. This also reduces your risk and will make the asset more attractive for sale. If you have a wiley lender they maybe able to add in tenant...
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    Childcare Centres

    Most banks will do 70% on the freehold & going concern and 50% on the leasehold. The main focus is on the owner/ centre's history. A couple of years I/O might be available for good applicants but generally the debt needs to be amortised in a short term 10-15 years.
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    PM recommendation for souther gold coast

    Varsity Lakes Realty in Varsity Lakes. Good family business.
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    Land Titles Office - registering a subdivision

    ^^^^ Get constant from mortgagee then tell your solicitor to submit the sealed plans to the titles office for registration
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    Development with Neighbour - Bad idea ?

    First step would be to rough out a feaso for yourself. Based on your local knowledge of the area workout what a new unit/townhouse will go for and less total costs.
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    Help understanding commercial loan

    Prior to the global financial crisis (GFC), the cost to banks for their short-term funds was only a small amount (i.e. spread) above the cash rate. Note that prior to the GFC, this spread remained relatively steady, even after the RBA changed the cash rate. That is, as the cash rate changed, so...
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    Help understanding commercial loan

    Gday A couple of points here: 1. All banks fund on BBSW + credit risk margin on a development of that size. I would renegotiate with your lender as you are holding the properties. Most banks will be pretty flexible on this ? the rate is generally higher when it is just a straight develop and...
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    Questions for the Developers

    Gday Most lenders will do 80% on the initial land purchase. On the construction side of things it moves to 75% of Total Development Costs. Costs include: Land Construction inc Demo Project Demo Contingency Professionals Council/Head works Interest Marketing Costs Sales...
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    Business loan / Mortgage mix

    Really depends on the institution for a number of reasons: 1. Some might look at the asset as a "going concern" ? or combined value (building and business) and need to have it valued as such. The lender then adopts an LVR on that amount. Benefits for this are that generally it will value...
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    Property finance possible subdivision

    Hi Libos, I live on the Gold Coast and really think that Palmy will take off in the next couple of years - just have to move that centrelink office. A lot of lenders will do 95% on an resi investment property and you can probably get up to 90% cash out on the existing properties if you...
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    Financing Block of 5 units inner west of Brisbane

    I know second tier lenders got a a lot of business during the GFC as the big banks started reducing their lending margins and started revaluing assets to reduce exposures. If you can 4.65% on 5 units I think that is a great deal, is this a standard resi product or are you on bank bills. Some...
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    Thoughts on Bendigo Bank rates & Adelaide Bank

    Perhaps try and push the local manager a bit with the rate, they might be able to offer you a bit more of a discount as an existing customer. Let them know that you're looking elsewhere and you want them to match or at least be in the market.
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    Brisbane - 7 Unit Development

    Basically if you are registered for GST and build a house for resale but then change the purpose by renting the house out you have to pay back the input tax credits on the property. A property held for rental is input taxed so no GST credits are available on the cost of building it. Then using...
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    Brisbane - 7 Unit Development

    If I was applying for finance I would look at it this way - 75% TDC - $1.84M 65% GRV (Gross realisation value) - $1.98M So a bank would lend you up to $1.84M (always the lesser amount of TDC & GRV) So in this case you would have an extra 5% up your sleeve if you are contributing 30%...