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    Agents liabilities ????

    Your Authority with the agent should note if and what amount of bond is to be charged. if the agent has not acted under the authority they would be liable
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    One for the landlord?

    bottom line you should only have been charged once the leases were signed so I would be requesting the money back from the agent as you have paid for something that has not happened
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    Centrepay Charges: Funny

    Centerpay, they actually pay the agent rent less the charge/fee So the agent only receives e.g. $200 less $0.99 = $199.01
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    smoke alarm testing coys

    Remember they all have an expiry date. I know i wont climb a ladder and check the date on the alarm. Suggest you check the dates & record
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    13 Month Leases

    This works great & we do this often. No one wants a property vacant over Christmas.:)
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    How likely is it that I will get my rent and expenses that is owed

    The agent should apply to VCAT within 10 bus days of the tenant vacating for a VCAT order for the full arrears amount & the bond. Once you have the VCAT order any amounts still owing above the bond can be put in the hands of a debt collector or claimed from your landlord insurance. The agent...
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    Tenant not paying up. Off to Tribunal

    Not sure is WA but in VIC cannot be done. must wait for the postage period on the notice to pass (3-5 days depending on day the notice is posted) then you can make the VCAT application
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    Sydney Water ?

    In VIC water usage is billed directly to the tenant unless its a unit and it is not sep metered
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    maintenance issues

    Being a brand new home we would normally go straight back to the builder or installer as it would be under warranty. We had a similar issue recently, we got the run around from the builder & installer. Installer claiming it was a manufacturers issues as the unit apparently worked when the...
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    Water Reading Fee

    When I worked in Ballarat (12 years ago) they did charge a reading fee back then for readings outside the normal quarterly reading. But have never seen any other water company in the western suburbs charge this fee. From Central highlands water website Special meter reading fees (per meter...
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    Water Reading Fee

    Work with 3 different water companies in Vic and have never been charged a reading fee.
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    AAMI for landlord insurance??

    Terri Scheer
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    AAMI for landlord insurance??

    Ive had insurance companies pay for carpet burns under accidental damage - cigarette & iron burns.
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    AAMI for landlord insurance??

    Just met an assessor (AAMI) at a rental property this week that we took over management on. Cigarette burns on the carpets not covered as they are not deemed malicious! Would have been covered by some of the specialist landlord insurers under accidental. My argument was yes it could be an...
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    Recommend me a plumber in Melbourne!

    Our agency uses the following. Ask for James (boss) and let him know Sharyn from Raine & Horne Werribee said to call him. They are very good and attend to issues quickly. Riddle Plumbing & Electrical | PO BOX 235, Elwood, VIC 3182 | | P: 1300 RIDDLE (743353) | E...