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    Does Salary Sacrificing effect borrowing capacity?

    When salary sacrificing your employer should provide you with all the details of how it affects your entitlements such as the rate of pay for overtime, taking leave and terminations. Where these conditions provided to you when signing up for sal sac? Be particularly wary if you are terminating...
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    Would you render or would you paint?

    Would bagging work over concrete split bricks - they are very uneven? Cathy
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    Hervey Bay Qld

    Having moved here 8 months ago and bought 5 months ago I agree with Dave that sales have slowed but prices are still strong. Since the new year though there appears to have been many more sales than in December. Of course every local tells you just "how cheap it was 12 months ago and how I...
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    Insight: Safe as Houses?

    I also liked the statement "the almost decade long property boom". Not where I live! Cathy
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    Finance on dual occupancy

    Have applied to refinance a dual occupancy - 2 four bedroom homes on 2000m2. Bank will only go to 63% of valuation. Any clues on banks that would look more favourably at dual occs? Say up to 80%. Cathy
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    Is 7 weeks too long to exchange (NSW)

    Contract rescinded I finally got an exchange but it was rescinded a week later because the council won't issue a building certificate (a contract condition). The reason that they wouldn't issue the building certificate is because I hadn't complied with the development consent of a sealed...
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    Accounting Fees

    Ok - I'll ask it a different way - what amount do you factor in for each rental property for accounting fees? I understand that people have different structures so I am interested in those who are individual (or partnerships) taxpayers not trusts or companies. Thanks Cathy
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    Cost of tax return

    Hi What is the cost of preparation of the rental statments for tax returns per property? Is there a standard rate for this? Cathy
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    Finance for house with commercial zoning

    Will a bank lend 80% for a house that has commercial zoning? Or will the LVR need to be lower? Cathy
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    asbestos roof

    Joff Can you give an indication of the "outrageous quotes" to remove the asbestos roof? Cathy
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    Is 7 weeks too long to exchange (NSW)

    Solicitor says 35 days for settlement - should I get them to specify something shorter? Cathy
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    Is 7 weeks too long to exchange (NSW)

    As I have no firm settlement date i cannot make offers here (Qld) because the settlement period and process is so much quicker. If I did make an offer and the exchange dragged on I could be be in deep you know what with the funds to purchase. Vendors are not keen on waiting for sales to go...
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    Is 7 weeks too long to exchange (NSW)

    Is 7 weeks too long for exchange of contracts in NSW? I sold mid June and still have not exchanged (giving me no firm settlement date). Purchaser's solicitor does one thing at a time eg gets a survey, then requests a building certificate - from the council no less! Should i just start...
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    Qld stamp duty

    Thanks for that.
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    Qld stamp duty

    I understand Qld stamp duty differentiates between PPOR and IP? How is this determined? I am considering buying but not moving in for a while, have a tenant in the meantime. What do I need to consider? Cathy