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    End of an Era

    And I'd hate for this forum to be turned off without me saying a BIG thank you to Kristine on behalf of my then 21 y.o. son, for organising an investment loan for him with a modest deposit saved from his part time income. Kristine, you will be delighted to hear that Lyndon has his little $175k...
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    Thanks somersoft community

    Just back from our travels and dismayed to hear of the closure of this wonderful forum. Wanted to add my gratitude to the Somers and Sim and other mods for this amazing forum which I have learned so much from over the last 8 years. I've met many amazing investors and it's been an amazing...
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    Boglehead/Vanguard way to retire

    I was going to invest $10k in VHY until my son sent me this article, now I'm confused :confused: any thoughts ?
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    NSW Storms

    Our properties in Lake Macquarie (Morisset way) have been without power since Tuesday. Must be rearly hard for the 90,000 homes to manage for such an extended period of time.
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    Lake Munmorah NSW

    Hi BlW and Star of David Beginning to take a shine to Lake Munmorah. In fact, was the opening bidder on the Anita Ave auction property last Friday. Went for $340k, we saw value at $320k. Star of David, kind of agree, the local R&H rep was quite supercilious, seems like a lot of Sydney...
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    Parramatta VS Castle Hill

    CH station is being built as we write this, due for completion in 2017.
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    Parramatta VS Castle Hill

    Hi Freya Whereabouts in CH - Old Northern Road ? CH is more of a family friendly residential area whereas Parramatta is more commercial. I may be biased but I would buy CH. Best wishes, Amelia
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    My Aqua Blue Ugly Duckling - #4

    Congratulations Nixba, on another great purchase !
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    Valuers, ...What planet are they from?

    Congratulations Mystery - the increased valuation must be music to your ears - glad that your hard work has paid off
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    When is enough?

    What a great read from MM - exactly what we need to read, Xactly ...thanks for sharing.
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    What's happening in Sydney?

    Here are the auction results from last week
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    Advice on this property

    Hi I'm sure any of the brokers on the forum could get you a better variable rate (Where's Redom - he got me 4.44% on my loans recently) If you can borrow at even 1% less than your current rate - you will be in slightly positive or at best neutral territory. Are you putting the 20%...
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    Recommended Property Investment Magazines Australia

    Hi Darrel I would go with API
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    Logan - arguments for and against capital growth

    What we bought at $230k in 2012 is now worth close to $300k - not as spectacular as Sydney for sure cos if I had invested the same in Mount Druitt that would be close to $400k today ..but we're happy enough - approx. 8% growth pa + rental yield of over 7%
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    Introducing myself

    Welcome Andrew ! Am sure you will find your time here informative and productive. The stuff you will read here is invaluable but taking action is paramount ! Enjoy the property journey ! Amelia