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    End of an Era

    Many thanks to all - especially Ian and Jan for the initial idea and charitably supporting SS for so long. Innovative and insightful thinking so many years ago. Will be a bit sad to lose the feel of the old site, though it will exist in archive. Looking forward to Sim's new toy!
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    Clueless unsupportive mother

    You need to watch this.... Seriously. Right to the end.
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    Investment Scenario - looking for opinions

    13 weeks of vacancy is not realistic. Average is 1-2 weeks a year for most urban areas.
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    Ikea on Checkout

    lol. Flatpack, I assume!
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    Journey so far - $75k salary (average), 5 years, 10 properties

    Awesome work in such a short space of time! Where in Logan did you end up buying? The unit in Redcliffe also seems to have a great yield.
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    Brookwater, QLD?

    No probs. Will be interesting to see if it does get built. And if it does, whether it is a success or not.
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    Brookwater, QLD?

    Its one of the best 'public' courses in Australia. Nowhere near the best course in Australia - # 32 on this list. I've played a lot of golf, and its a nice course, but not enough to invest half a billion around.
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    Share your story if retired before 53 in Australia

    Ace - you are a man after my own heart. Next time you are in Brissy, we need to hit the gym, have a game of golf, play hold em with the boys and talk shares and subdivisions.
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    Brookwater, QLD?

    I heardabout the resort, but still don't get it. Plenty of other resorts on the north and south coast. Ipswich not really a tourist destination.
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    Brookwater, QLD?

    A lot of development just down the road at Springfield. Shopping centre doubling in size, a Bunnings going in, new hospital I think, and some big corporate investment coming. If she can hang on for a few more years, I think prices will grow well.
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    Rewarding good tenants

    We give them chockies at Christmas....
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    Most fun jobs you've ever had

    Strength and conditioning coach for a professional sporting team. Hangin with the boys. End of season trips were always fun...
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    $90k increase in 6 weeks

    Sold price? That's not a bad flip for little work, especially if sold themselves without an agent. Seems too high a price for that product in margate.
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    How much do you spend a year (living expenses)?

    Yes, I think you are the only one. OCD, perhaps? ;)
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    Wage increase

    Reduce non-deductable debt.