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    Has Adelaide peaked?

    Thats Garbage - not sure where you are getting your information from?,22606,26477686-5012944,00.html
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    Townsville STILL booming

    Lets not forget about the rental market still trying to catch up to property prices!
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    Townsville STILL booming

    Correct Yolande. I ve was told that the Uni was setting up tents on the oval to house students! Also, It amazes me that Townsville holds open inspections for tennants! Imaging wanting to renting out your place & you have 30 people wanting to get in! I believe that there are a couple of large...
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    Townsville STILL booming

    Yes I couldn't agree more Sunfish. I purchased a couple of properties in Kirwan about 3 years ago & all i ve noticed is that the rent keeps going up as well as the property price:) I'm from Adelaide & went up there because of the great returns back then, but never did I expect what is...