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    PM rant

    There is no real way to know what manager will be good until you have them and watch what is happening, at least till you know they are doing the job right. Also no way to know till you have tried a bunch, some are utterly useless & will def cost you.
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    compensation? faulty oven

    I would have asked if supplying a portable electric cook top would suffice till work completed.
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    Is there a way for landlords to join forces and boycott the environment

    State of "Decline" .... it was once up, but ever since the initial spike has been trending down, with no end in sight, and no hope really, apart from the :D
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    Is there a way for landlords to join forces and boycott kmart?

    Did you buy a long enough extension cord ? Students also loan to those outside the house solely to bugger up greedy landlords :D
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    58 people in a 3 bed house

    No, the "adding value" :D
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    Is there a way for landlords to join forces and boycott kmart?

    I give you one guess......and it ain't us ! lol :D:D:D
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    Converting electric cooktop to gas cooktop

    If it is only for you, and you must have gas while your there this is what I would suggest. Get suitable cooktop that appeals to you, take out electric one & store it, fit new cooktop to same cutout & have LPG fitted. I too would be going electric, the supply charges are going up and it is...
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    Apparently I'm considered "Rich" or "Loaded"...

    Just fell over
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    Facing a war

    Oh do not worry, lots of things can go wrong, I know we are all stuffed under many circumstances, in war, all bets are off.
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    The Shire meet - incl Sydney South.

    Is this going ahead & if yes, what time ?
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    Facing a war

    Anything is possible, ironically, often people think it will not happen. It is all there waiting to happen, nothing says there culd not be a major mis calculation, or mistake. Regarding investing, I was going to look at the moorebank/holsworthy area once there is a bust in this cycle, do we...
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    Apparently I'm considered "Rich" or "Loaded"...

    Many people are by and large stupid. Frankly, my advise would be do not reveal to anyone who does not need to know, the state of your affairs or business. PS I remember a person whom I considered a friend when I was young, who was trying to get in a fist fight with me cutting to the chase...
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    Anyone remember the days before the property boom?

    Yes, many times. I am not sure what the purpose of the thread is, but for anyone thinking things never go down or you can't have problems, well you can, I had loans at +17%, . You have to roll with the punches, this forum has some great positive attitudes, it also has some inexperienced...
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    Council *Shakes Head*

    If you have approval, you have approval, there is nothing else to discuss, it is an internal issue (do you really expect the right hand to know what the left hand is doing).
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    Airbnb and Strata

    The dream is over, but I think you have dirtied the nest....don't be surprised if your now off side. :confused: