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    Nearmap vs RP Data?

    Hi all, I see Nearmaps very recently released a Property Investigation tool aimed at taking market share off RPData. I have a Nearmaps subscription (basic plan $99 p.a.), but not the new Real Estate add-on, so haven't seen it in action yet. Wondering if anyone has tried the new Nearmaps...
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    Central Coast Suburbs......

    G'day :) I am looking to buy my first IP this year and have identified the Central Coast. I have done some internet research and did a trip up there last week to drive through suburbs, talk to some agents and get a better feel for the area. I checked out Gosford, Wyoming, Narara, Niagara Park...
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    Affordable suburb tips for a starter?

    Hey everyone, Thanks heaps for all the feedback! some great suggestions there. I am heading out to Campeltown area tomorrow to check out some units. Lot's of great feeback, im stoked. :) Cheers all D
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    Affordable suburb tips for a starter?

    Hi everyone, This is my first post on the website so thanks for reading. I have saved 25k for a deposit on an investment property and currently live in Sydney so am thinking somewhere around here is the go (was considering Coffs Harbour for affordability, but locally is probably better for...