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    Property Development Project Management

    Yeah I am looking for a similar PM in Sydney. Does anyone has any recommended PMs? For a Duplex site? Sorry if hijacked the threat abit :p Thanks
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    Where to buy in Sydney for MAX short term CG

    Haha, I am sure there suburbs with a similar name across Sydney. I think after this cycle, all the inner west suburbs are now blue-chips. Most of my mates who had purchased inner west houses are saying they will put the property in their Will and won't be selling them. There's just not...
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    To have 3 bedroom or 4 bedroom?

    Thanks Graemsay, that building is amazing... it is surely different to other houses. I am sure my kids would love it as it's like a castle than the modern square/boxy looks. Yeah I bounced the mezzanine idea with my designer but he says my roof is not tall enough. If I insist, I will be...
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    To have 3 bedroom or 4 bedroom?

    Thanks alot. I will have a dig around and see how it goes. Will share the updated floorplan once I have another chat with my draftsperson :)
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    To have 3 bedroom or 4 bedroom?

    Thanks Westminster. Had a look at the design and it's really good. My wife is quite happy with it as well. The only challenge is the bathroom is now abit small which isn't ideal as I know most families in the area like a bathroom with a tub, and I don't know if a 2.5m x 3.5m is big enough or...
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    To have 3 bedroom or 4 bedroom?

    Hi westminster, Interesting! Never thought of it that way. I can't see the pic yet (sorry at work, and dropbox is blocked), but I think I can visualise it. My question though, would a kitchen in between the living and dining area flow well? I just haven't seen such layout before *abeit my...
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    To have 3 bedroom or 4 bedroom?

    Hi Serendip, Thanks for your feedback. I have answered some of your points below. - I'm guessing the designer has added all the extras on the back as that's the cheapest build option - the rear wall is probably structural, so cost will go up if you do anything much to it. Questions: - if you...
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    To have 3 bedroom or 4 bedroom?

    Hi Ej, bedroom is actually quite a dark room because the window is directly facing my neighbour's wall (you can almost touch my neighbour's wall if you reach far enough!) and the current bathroom is very small (1.5x 3m). D
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    To have 3 bedroom or 4 bedroom?

    Hi Dave, Yeah I definitely leaning on creating a flexible bedroom so it can be a combination of entertainment/rumpus/a bedroom . With the bathroom opening to the kitchen, I am not sure if it's legal but from my perspective I really like it. ideally is to have it in the centre of the...
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    To have 3 bedroom or 4 bedroom?

    Good point Jess! It's actually in the bathroom and not the kitchen. I didn't spot that on the plans. :) .. The living/kitchen and dining space is such a premium with the current design and having a laundry in the bathroom is probably our only option with the current 4bed layout
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    To have 3 bedroom or 4 bedroom?

    Hi all, I am in the process of designing an extension to my inner west property. The current property is an old Californian Bungalow (probably built in the 1920?s). Let?s say everything in the house is still in its ?original? state. We have been holding off renovating the place but as the...
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    Buying house in Kogarah or Carlton - south or any innerwest

    Hi Vanvir, I think you have made the right choice. I have lived in the area (carlton and Kogarah) for he last 10 yrs and I think kogarah is a really lovely suburb if you pick the right pocket. Kogarah there are essentially two sides (the east and west side of the rail line). The east side is...
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    Duplex development - Does this look right?

    Am... your property value is $700k and your development cost is $679k hence your total cost is $1.379m and your end value after development is $650k x 2 = $1.3m You'd be making a lost. It sounds like you are better just selling the property itself or holding onto it until the end product...
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    My Duplex Development near "parramatta"

    Second that, I have been refreshing this page every 2 hours since yesterday and checked this page twice since 6am this morning. It's like reading a novel that writes itself every couple of hours.
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    Current Home Loan interest rates

    FYI I got a formal approval for 4.64% for $1.5m @ 80% LVR from NAB. I didn't get the $1000 EFTPOS card (they just started a promo for new customers) becus my account is an IO account not P&I.