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    Paling fence needs to be replaced - SE Melbourne

    Hi, Not sure if I've posted this in the correct place...!?! I need a 20m paling boundary fence replaced and I'm struggling to find someone who could do it before Christmas. If anyone on here is a fence contractor and could supply a quote and have the job done before Christmas, please PM...
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    Work without building permit - VIC

    Not sure I'm correct here but I've just gone through a similar experience. The property I've just sold had a deck built on top of a garage that was anything but to code (never got building cert etc). I was informed by my realestate agent to remove the deck as it could possibly open me up to a...
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    Borrowing for wedding / new kitchen

    Thanks for the responses. I have decided to move forward with the personal loan as it seems to be best option for me. I did the sums and by the time LMI is added plus the costs for valuation etc for the RAMS loan variation compared to the interest on the personal loan, the personal loan seemed...
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    Borrowing for wedding / new kitchen

    Hi all, I own a single property in Frankston with around $223,000 owing (it's a 3 br unit good condition, good location and I believe valued at around $270,000+). I am 2 years into a 5 year fixed rate period with RAMS (I know, I’ve learnt a lot in the last year or two). I am getting...
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    Move out, Rent out property then reno kitchen?

    Hi, Currently I own a unit in Frankston which I live in. Since the day I purchased the property I have planned to rip out and replace the kitchen. I am planning to move next year and keep the property as a rental unit. What are people's ideas on waiting until I have moved out and have...
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    Purchasing in VIC - Frankston Area

    This isn't by any chance the house where the woman was shot and killed earlier this year is it? Is it in the Frankston Hosptial end of burns st or the other end? Just wondering is all.
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    Purchasing in VIC - Frankston Area

    I live in Frankston and have done so for about the last 5 years or so. I have many friends in the area and have been associated with the area for the last 15 years or so of my life. In my opinion there are a lot nicer areas than where Ashleigh Ave is situated. In saying that though there are...
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    Frankston VIC - need ur local opinions

    Hi Olive, There is a huge thread in 'Where to Buy' that covers Frankston in great detail. Check it out here: You will need to set aside quite a bit of time to get through it but it is defintely worth reading. Cheers.
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    Purchasing in VIC - Frankston Area

    What are peoples thoughts on purchasing the rooms available through the Ambassador Hotel refurb? I currently have a unit in Frankston and looking to purchase an investment property and saw that these were selling very cheap at around $80k. I figured that if you could rent it at say $100 a...