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    End of an Era

    The first thing I did was checking the date to see/wish it was April 1! Thank you to all mods for keeping this place decent.
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    Is there a way for landlords to join forces and boycott the environment

    KFC buyers agent - Are you sure you can't find any efficient stuff at Kmart to reduce the water use?
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    Future party leader

    We are sooo lucky in many ways... but totally unlucky when it comes to politics. I just can't think of any true leader... sadly.
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    Inefficiencies of PMs

    Just wondering if your PM is as hopeless as mine? Here is a email communication happened with my QLD PM over a week period. Agent: Please advise your instructions for the lease renewal of *No, Street name*, Edens Landing. We recommend a 6 month term at the current rental prie of $380.00...
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    Facing a war

    I make ginger, lemon & honey mix every morning. I noticed the price of honey going up every time I buy them.
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    Facing a war

    How a 1000 acres with water supply can be used? Isit for food production? Why 200km of a capital city? Is it because it is far enough but still drivable?
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    What do you rate these two areas as?

    I don't know.... I'm not not so sure about planning, strategy, mindset and all that. I think 'taking action' is more important.
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    Facing a war

    Isn't it a real possibility that Russia pushed to a corner hence they are forced to take a hard & harsh action?
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    Facing a war

    It is a depressing thought but a war seems very possible the way US & Russia are behaving. Sorry about bringing this up. I grew up in a war-torn place so I can't stop worrying about it! Now, if that happens, what can we do (financially) to protect our families? Would buying a property in...
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    I'm a slow watcher. Upto the 4th episode on House of cards. Good show. I can feel that I'm getting addicted slowly.
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    High Yielding Shares Again

    I don't remember seeing any post saying "IV will be taking a front seat".... Apologies if I have missed a post.
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    Tax Return Workbook

    Ill maintain 3 sets of Excel files. 1. Shares 2. Business 3. IPs It take a while to add the accurate data behind those summary sheets but it is a 15 min job to fill the E-tax once the correct information is collected. Develop a 'system' to fit your own needs. For example, each RE would send...
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    See Change and Richard Feynman . let's hype the sydney market thread .

    Don't be mean. It has about 25% of Sydney's population :)
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    car park spot

    If your name tells about you then I would suggest you avoid driving a car :cool:
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    Medibank Private Share Offer..

    ANZ dipped to 30.94 for 5 minutes... probably not enough time :)