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    First Run at IP (a real bad luck story)

    Question 1 Wasn't the tenant under a lease when they first moved in? Question 2 Landlord's insurance?????
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    Purchase with a credit card

    I did a cash advance from an ATM or over the counter to pay a bill only to be charged around $15 I think for a $2000 transaction. I then discovered if I transferred the amount from my cc to my bank account over internet it was only .50 c. A big saving!!! Then just wrote a cheque from my...
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    Sydney property hasn't crashed & won't crash

    AL Please come out from under that rock!!! I want you to buy a T-shirt with "ALWAYS.....ALWAYS LEARNING" written in big letters. Face the doomsayers squarely. They would have been around if you had made $1 million. "You were lucky this time but..... next'll see......we told...
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    After the boom, the bankrupts

    I too was similarly very confused by this article. Why wouldn't you walk from the settlement? Yes you will pay a penalty, maybe 60-70K but it is hardly bankruptcy! Why would you agree to a loan at 102% p.a. when you have lost your job??? By the way, has anyone here defaulted on a settlement...
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    Positve Cash Flow anyone ?

    If the property is for sale at 90K you won't get depreciation on whole amount cos some of it is the land value. Only get depreciation on building value. Also 4%, I think, only applies to commercial properties. Only 2.5% of building on residential. (apart from a small window of opportunity if...
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    The Promised Land

    By the way Geoff, just saw your photo as a "Stripper". Didn't find it as titillating as I would have expected or maybe menopause is just kicking in with a vengeance!
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    The Promised Land

    Well, I didn't have to wait 14 years as Geoff suggested. My block at Vincentia has gone up 150K in 12 months!
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    IP investors: "Children of Parents raised in the Depression"

    I was listening to a radio show recently where people were ringing in with their favourite "tight-arse" or "frugal" story. My favourite was a man who said his grandmother's frugality was epitomised by a jar she kept in her pantry which was labelled "Little bits of string too small to use"!
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    When Jan Somers' book is a hindrance

    If you you add up all the phone bills (including internet cable) in my house it comes to around $700 a month. You could pay off a nice IP with that! Fortunately my son pays for his (around $250 p.m.) Let's add that up - four mobile phones, one land line, one fax line, one internet cable line...
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    Sell IP's to pay off PPOR?

    I think you may be confusing requirements for transfer of assets into Superannuation Funds. These transactions must all be kept at arm's length so you can't transfer existing properties to Super Fund but haven't heard of this for Family Trusts. We have just taken a new tack which involves only...
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    Advise Needed: What to do when your partner looses the Sleep at Night Factor

    This is probably completely off beam - it's just a gut feeling. I smell fear. It has nothing to do with property per se, it has to do with a sense of control and adequacy. In my experience they commonly have parents whom they loved dearly and those parents worked hard, had paid their house off...
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    What is do you think is the single most important skill as an property investor?

    PS I count the money at the table all the time. It's the only way I know to tell when to fold them. (PPS Most pokie players will double their stake money at some point during the play but they keep playing hoping to make the jackpot and end up losing the lot!)
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    What is do you think is the single most important skill as an property investor?

    I recently had one of those rare heart to heart talks with my 19 year old son who had started attending the Star City Casino with friends on a regular basis. (Just when you think you have covered sex, drugs, rock and roll they think of the vice you have forgotten!) He came home a few months ago...
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    Promotion or pending bankrupt?

    I just settled my next round of loans to accommodate two OTPs next year. Have a very good loans officer who finally understood me. Got a call from him after loans had settled to say that my file had been sent up to "Priority Banking" and I would have a new personal loans officer. He made it...
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    Landlords insurance for holiday lets

    Can anyone help me with the name of an Insurer who does Landlord's insurance for holiday let properties. My current one says that the tenant has to be under lease and needs to be resident there. If no tenant, it only covers me for fire but not burglary etc. I will be building a holiday let next...