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    Where to buy 650K in Sydney

    there are new estates being built in edmondson park and leppington. railway to be completed in a year or two (if you are willing to wait).
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    Stanhope v Baulkham Hills

    i thought monalisa's question was a valid question in order to assess what exactly are you looking for. i don't think she was not trying to be rude unless she says so ;)
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    When Was/Is the Right Time to Buy in Sydney?

    where can i find a graph showing the australian cities' current property cycle? i saw one somewhere and it shows sydney in the middle of the cycle
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    Wolli Creek 2205

    it was with australand. if i were you, i would always buy the one with carspace. google properties for rent in the area (even those archived) and compare those with and without carspaces. i went to some viewings in the area just to check the interiors of the units and saw the difference of the...
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    Wolli Creek 2205

    i've bought a property in wolli creek 2 years ago for 460k. i had some good advices from this forum too like "regentrification" of the area, etc. i recently had a valuation of my property and they said its about 480k now. i guess it's not that bad but once all these developments are finished...
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    OTPs at Rhodes

    there is definitely an OVERSUPPLY there. i went to my friend's unit a couple of months ago and low-rise apartments all over the area with congested streets. there is no long-term planning! renting is good though... my friend is trying to sell his studio unit using a PA (the price at market...
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    Mirvac Development in Glenfield

    apologies if it may have sounded that there is a correlation. i was just trying to squeeze everything into 1 sentence. any feedback on the suburb?
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    Mirvac Development in Glenfield

    I am looking for a new property and found a Mirvac Devt. in Glenfield. I currently stay in a Wolli Creek unit but is thinking of renting it out as my family is growing. I work in the city and wouldn't mind the long travels. I've checked some "not-so-good" stories on its nearby suburbs...
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    Replacement tenant

    as i've said, it's not only the stamp duty that i considered. i just found a very nice and cheap property. ;)
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    Replacement tenant

    ok thanks. if that's the case, then i would just ring the landlord if he would allow the new lease agreement to run only for 7 months (my remaining lease).
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    Replacement tenant

    Sorry but I found this confusing. How can I be obliged to replace myself only at the end of the tenancy if the landlord approved me of finding a new tenant even before the lease period ends? It is a mutual agreement between the landlord and myself. Else, I wouldn't waste my time advertising the...
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    Replacement tenant

    Thanks for the info. Technically, it is a replacement which means the new tenant will pay directly to the owner and a new agreement will be prepared. But based on your response, it makes me wonder if it is easier to "sub-let" where the new tenant will pay me while i continue paying the owner...
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    Replacement tenant

    Hi, I have a 1-year rental contract with the landlord himself in sydney and still got 7 months left. However, I recently purchased a unit to have the stamp duty exemption from the govt. :eek: The landlord allowed me to find a replacement tenant and was able to find one. I told the landlord...
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    Is rhodes/homebush bay area a good place to live?

    Im a first time buyer and currently shopping for 1-bedroom apartments. Im looking in rhodes and wolli creek and having a feel. Would like to know what are the perks staying at rhodes beside having a shopping mall nearby and a nice view of the lake
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    first-time buyer in australia

    thanks for this!:cool: appreciate it