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    Funding an IP and a house rebuild

    Thanks. If I have read the above correctly, I should look at getting a loan against the IP up to 80% and then fund the remainder separately (by a loan against the house, or I could fund this from other funds). And then get another loan (or sub loan) for the construction. I wasn't quite...
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    Recommended PM ACT

    I recently came across this mob who charge 7.3%. I haven't used them myself.
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    Funding an IP and a house rebuild

    Hi everyone. I'm new. I was hoping to get some advice about purchasing/funding an IP and rebuilding a house I already own. The house I bought this 6 years ago for 750K. It was rented for 4 years, then I moved into it. Probably a bit messy tax-wise I guess, but it made sense at the time...