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    Somersoft Goodbye Thread

    So sad because somersoft will close soon :( A lot of useful topics in this forum. Definitely, we cannot search for such insightful topics in a new forum.
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    Budget $330k Western suburbs Melbourne

    With the budget of $330K, you may look at Frankston where a lot infrastructure is growing. High capital gain potential. I cannot see Western suburbs much grow in the long term.
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    Child care centre recommended in Monash City (Glen waverley)

    It is time for us to find a child care centre. Can someone recommend Child care centre recommended in Monash City (Glen waverley)?
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    Will it annoy tenant privacy?

    I want Quantity Surveyor to access the property for tax depreciation schedule (Ideally prior 30 June). However, I have just got tenant moved in last week. If wonder if Quantity Surveyor inspection will make tenants annoyed due to privacy distrub. What are your ideas?
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    Replace small extension room roof due to leaking

    Tenant complained that my small extension room roof is leaking. As the old roof color bond is too old to keep. The handy man replaced the leaking roof with new color bond sheets. Total cost including labour is $2100. Is this considered as maintenance cost? Can I claim tax for this F/Y or I...
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    Wesfarmers Federation Insurance

    Hi Any one bought Landlord insurance with Wesfarmers Federation Insurance? What was your experience?
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    Apparently I'm considered "Rich" or "Loaded"...

    I believe that Beachy tried to discuss about 'other people perception'. He did not mean show-off his wealth. He does not consider him as 'rich'. Posters should read through all his posts and clarification.
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    Terri Sheer Landlord insurance

    I have just gone to the TS website to get a quote. Surprise, they split LL insurance into building and content policies and price soars into more than $600, compared to my previous quote of ~$300pa.
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    Public Liability Insurance

    Same you situation, I buy driveway public liability with GIO insurance.
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    Legal issues on tenant agreement

    I am leasing an IP via an RE agent. Last Saturday, I accepted a tenancy application verbally through the agent. Agent contacted tenants to organise the tenancy agreement to be signed. However, tenants appeared to pull out as they did not answer agent phone or return any sms messages in the 3...
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    RBA to cut another 1%?

    Posters should read the thread title before posting. We are talking wrong topics here.
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    How to guess if tenants will keep house clean and tidy by their look

    It is right. Among applications, we have select the best one as possible.
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    How to guess if tenants will keep house clean and tidy by their look

    Thanks all for reply and everyone opinion.