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    Newbie Seeks Advice - Buying First IP

    Thanks. I know savings are low. Most of my funds were used in clearing a HECs debt, car loan, and getting myself into my home. I normally have little trouble saving. It just doesn't look very good at the moment. My bad. Also, I have only been on this salary since early 2007.
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    Newbie Seeks Advice - Buying First IP

    Hi I am 30 years of age and have just moved into my new PPR three weeks ago. House was a new construction. My details are as follows: - Mortgage is $318K. - House is valued at approx $410-420K. - My gross income is $125K per year. - Cash at Bank is $15K. (Spent the rest on house...
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    Seeking Advice & Opinion: Retirement / Property Investment Strategy Options

    Hello Some family members told me their retirement plans over dinner the other night. I seek any comments / advice you may have. Details are as follows: - Husband and Wife are 57 and 53 years of age. - Husband is a self-employed consultant. Wife does not work. No...