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    Market sentiment - March 2014

    Remember that Qld is the most decentralised state and that the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast are classified as regional/outside capital city.
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    Installed my own shower

    Brenda, I love your posts, your achievements and your point of view. But saving $900 for a week's labour, or even fewer day's labour, is not for all of us. How much per day's work did this equate to, or per hour? In imagining my future, free of salary, I'm not sure that doing reno is the...
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    Property Developers Margins

    I understand that they must achieve at least 25-30% projected net profit after alol costs. You need to do a back of the envelope feasibility study. Selling price of each lot xx No of lots Total Sales Cost of raw land Cost of legals Coas of marketing Cost of consultants...
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    Tax time check list

    Dos This is the list of deductions from etax over the last couple of years. Have you checked out your borrowing expenses, which are usually claimable over 5 years? Advertising for tenants Body Corporate Fees Borrowing Expenses Cleaning Council rates Capital allowances/depreciation on...
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    Public Liability Insurance on vacant block?

    We insured a vacant block. Many gum trees, branches could have fallen on neighbours, or on people accessing block. Surveyors or others could have been injured. But it wasn't easy - we had to use a broker as many usual insurers don't touch vacant land.
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    Bank couldn't find title

    This is a new one for me. A friend was supposed to settle last week. Settlement cancelled the day before because the bank could not find the title. The bank is offering to pay the interest til the issue is resolved, (they are acknowledging they received it when the mortgage was originated)...
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    After the boom, the bankrupts

    See Change I totally agree with you that the amount of interest and the penalty interest are ridiculous ... and any thinking person and any experienced investor would not get themselves in such a situation. However, your comment about "not having a decent reserve available" had a different...
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    What rate interest in advance?

    Hi! What rates are being offered for one year interest only - annual in advance in June? Last year I got 5.75% - this year same bank is offering 6.65% and call centre is saying that the package discount is not applicable to fixed loans??????
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    Commbank Property Value Guide

    Commbank has a new tool - price data based on mortgages and refinances - quite neat, by postcode, etc.
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    Any experince with Albury NSW or Wagga Wagga NSW

    Ross I think Toowoomba might be the largest inland city about 87K to 56K for Wagga, but, of course, it depends how much of the surrounding region you count - Albury Wodonga combined with surrounding region is 105K. Maybe Toowoomba is undervalued, given that it is also within two hours of the...
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    Negotiating an option

    Hi guys! I posted this question over the weekend - yes, early on Sunday morning, and didn't get a reply. Can anyone help? We have an offer in at the moment for 15 acres of developable land - I can share the experience in a little while. Can anyone help with stories of negotiating options?
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    Negotiating an option

    Hi! everyone. We have just completed a small subdivsion and are negotiating an option on a larger parcel of land. My question, seeing that we are fairly novice developers, is - "Has anyone here negotiated an option?" What typically is the structure - eg xx% non refundable for a six or...
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    Qld Properties Stamp Duty & rates?

    Gold Coast typical rates - per annum 70% of property owners pay the minimum rate Typically - for suburban sized lot, with water and sewer $1392 - includes water rates For Hinterland lots - say 1-2 acres, town water, no sewer $1050
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    The link between capital growth and rental return

    PT Bear - I would just caution that the ripple out effect that has been experienced in this boom, may not be experienced in the next. eg, inner ciy land, let's say Kangaroo Point in Brisbane - if it is protected as a single dweliing zone and not able to be developed, we should not make...
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    Presenting your Home_IP for sale

    Profound apologies - I did not mean to be offensive. I was just trying to express how I react as a buyer to anything that seems fake. I ask questions like - is it tenanted, who lives here, how long have they lived here? Hire furniture and empty cupboards would raise many questions for me and...