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    Driverless cars - the biggest potential impact to real estate?

    I would still trust a driveless system over some of the idiots on the road today. I surf alot and people ask me "are you scared of the sharks?" And I say "no, I'm more scared of the drive to the surf". I think for it to work all existing cars would have to be taken off the road and these...
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    Ways to minimise tax bill this year

    I can't find your bank details on your page. I want to buy two! :p
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    Young investors

    I recently purchased a house. Cost price 334000. All of my expenses added up to about 30k. That was with 5% deposit and lmi borrowed ontop. 30k fully streached. Don't know how he did a 10% depost (28k and 2k from mummy and daddy) unless he got more money from mummy and daddy that they are not...
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    first time buying looking for advice and opinions.

    If you have the spare cash and you are time poor/ not in the location AND hesitant/confused. Then yes I recomend it. If you are purchasing in your back yard then do some serious research to fix the confusion and watch motivial youtube videos or something to fix the hesitation and just go for it...
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    first time buying looking for advice and opinions.

    Hey Tom. Just after I settled in Dec 2015 he said he was looking for more in the area after mine haha. Must have been talking about you! Read some of your threads after seeing you bought in the same area. 24 and multiple properties! Killing it! Inspiring. I need to get off my bum and start...
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    Want to install Solar - where do I start?

    I'm doing an electrical course at the moment and my tafe teacher did solar installations. He swore by "sunny boy inverters". Obviously do the research but that might be worth looking into. Cheers, Fresh.
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    termite protection suggestions

    I had a chemical barrier done around my qld IP for $1000. Different state and property but you could expect to pay that. Ring around for some over the phone quotes to get a better idea on cost. Sorry I can't recommend anyone in the Blacktown area. Goodluck! Cheers, Fresh.
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    first time buying looking for advice and opinions.

    update. Sorry for the long absence SS community. As you know, purchasing property can be quite time consuming. So between that, a holiday and moving between states for work I haven't had a chance to jump on SS for an update. I bought my first one! A 3bed 1bath 2car 1980's QLDer...
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    Reno Banter

    WattleIdo, I agree with the white paint idea. I was thinking that and some new lights to brighten the place up. Probably replace the carpet, it is fairly worn and orange which is a bit weird and makes the place look alot older. I was thinking some sort of darker grey coloured carpet with a...
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    Reno Banter

    extra pics Pic6 Pic7 Pic8 Pic9
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    Reno Banter

    Hey SS. Just thought I might get some discussions going on cost effective ways to improve this rental. This house is probably one of the least appealing houses in the suburb cosmetically speaking. Looking to increase rent, equity and quality of tenant (this one looks messy). This property...
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