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    Apartments in Potts Point Sydney, good idea?

    piNoob, I follow the Potts Point/Elizabeth Bay market very closely as i have a one bedroom investment in EB. I do believe the area is a good place to buy into, as you can achieve a strong yield and get good capital growth. But you must be weary of what building you buy into as quality...
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    Investment Loan for FHOG

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    Investment Loan for FHOG

    bdc, It is possible because i just did what you are proposing. I basically got approval via an investment loan then once settlement occured i applied for the first homebuyers grant directly from the OSR. I'm currently living in the property for 6 months, but the bank would n't have any idea...
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    Nika, I just purchased an IP in Elizabeth Bay (right near Woolloomooloo). While there is a lot of public housing you can pick up units that have a very high gross yield circa around 6-6.5%. But keep in mind future capital growth can be volatile in these areas. So it all depends on your...
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    Over geared? Problems with high LVRs?

    Yes i know this and factored this scenario into my calcs. I purchased the property vacant possession (i am already living there) and intend on renting it out after the 6 months is up. I said in my post i can get a good yield based on the rents the previous and neighbouring tenants are paying...
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    Over geared? Problems with high LVRs?

    Travelbug, I personally do not think the Elizabeth Bay area will do anything spectacular in the next 2-3 years (no double digit capital growth, but id like to be proven wrong), but because i have a decent yield and have put a small amount of my own money into the property (due to FHBG), i...
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    Property Investment Magazines - Where to buy recommendations

    Hi all, I recently purchased my 1st IP in Elizabeth Bay (Sydney). I initially became interested in the area because i use to do a fair bit of work their as a valuer, as saw some good opportunities after doing plenty of research. I no longer work in the valuation scene and have begun...
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    Over geared? Problems with high LVRs?

    BayView & steveadl, My view is that your profit/loss made is determined by the growth in equity that you put into investment (IRR on funds invested), regardless of how much the asset price appreciates or depreciates over time (sale profit/loss is only one component). With a higher LVR your...
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    commercial lease query

    graisme, In commercial property leasing deals, once you understand the terms of the lease, the best way to work out which is financially the best deal for the landlord is by calculating what the net effective rent or the NPV is. This takes into account rent frees, fit out contributions, etc...
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    Over geared? Problems with high LVRs?

    Hi everyone, Thanks for all your responses and advice. Just to clarify my position and assumptions, I am living in the property for the first 6 months to satisfy the grant conditions (I have a mate who got caught and it was nt pretty), so essentially the positive cash flow and net market...
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    Over geared? Problems with high LVRs?

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and just purchased my first IP two months ago in Elizabeth Bay (Sydney). I borrowed at a 95% LVR with LMI capitalised, with net yield of 4.75% and an interest rate of 5%, it will most likely be positively geared after depreciation and tax. I also used my FHBG to...