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    End of an Era

    Just adding my voice to thank Jan and Ian for the forum, and all those many people who have contributed to the forum over the years. May you all prosper.
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    IP @ Belconnen, Canberra

    Oversupply has been affecting rental demand as well. Rents have lowered and are unlikely to stop yet. I did see a report today that the prediction for Canberra housing is for a small drop over the next three years, not only in units. It says that on top of the oversupply of units, the lowering...
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    Wagga Wagga

    Don't deposit it directly against your other mortgages. You may well have a CGT liability, so deposit any profit into an offset account against those mortgages. Even without CGT, that gives you maximum flexibility.
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    End of an Era

    Along with all the other thanks, a big thank you to Les for having the idea in the first place. Les, we haven't seen you for a long time. Will you pop in to the new place to say hello?
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    Somersoft Goodbye Thread

    And I know that you've given invaluable help to a friend I referred to you. Thank you.
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    Bad bad bad Journalism! Young Property Gun

    Joe Hockey would love her. A prime example of anybody being able to start with nothing and buy a house.
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    Buyers Agent in Brisbane

    I've heard that he is very busy. If that is the case, that is an honest answer, which would have avoided delays had he accepted your brief. I think that's an honest answer, and doesn't reflect badly on him.
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    Is there a way for landlords to join forces and boycott the environment

    You're referring to the passed history of water?
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    Commercial property in Wagga Wagga- SWOT

    Besides, interest is accruing on the arrears at 12%.
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    Commercial property in Wagga Wagga- SWOT

    It could take up to three years to pay the arrears. But I'm just glad that something is coming back after everything that's happened.
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    Is there a way for landlords to join forces and boycott the environment

    Not only that. It has been found that dihydrogen monoxide in excess has been known to kill. More people die from this than from shark attacks. It is a component of all addictive drugs. A vast majority of the population, if not all, are totally addicted to this substance. Yet it is sold.openly in...
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    Commercial property in Wagga Wagga- SWOT

    It's been a long path but this appears to have been resolved, at least for now. The tenant ordered her own property inspection, and we were informed by her lawyers that the property was unsuitable for a food business, therefore the lease was void. This was a surprise to us, as we had our own...
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    Is being an owner builder worth it?

    I once did an OB course with a view to building our PPOR. I learnt enough from the course to know that I couldn't do it. It would have required a lot of time from my job, frequently at very short notice. I would not have been able to keep the job under those sort of conditions.
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    I've recently heard from a political junkie that the original English "House of Cards" is excellent. Production values dates, but better than the American version apparently.
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    Ouch - $30K being taxed and not much deductions to off set

    Not only is apportioning difficult- when you start to repay a single loan with mixed parts, the repayment may not be apportioned to the part of the loan you want it- that is, you may be repaying the non deductible part, which is not what you want.