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    Another confession from GoAnna! - I have become weary of property

    Lizzie you have done heaps. I think the only property related stuff I have a spark left for is my own home renovation that's long overdue and some micro houses in an inner suburb of Melbourne (a dream I hope to bring to life) Have you found new passions? Perhaps we can chat about that on...
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    End of an Era

    Thank you to Ian and Jan and everyone who made this forum possible. It's been life changing in so many ways. New friendships formed New skills and knowledge Values challenged Ideas and goals crystalised Strategies created A place to share triumphs and tribulations. I am happy to...
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    How to save your Private Messages

    Sim your awesomeness is not fully appreciated.
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    Another confession from GoAnna! - I have become weary of property

    Feeling sentimental tonight. The end of an era. This forum was life changing for me. In 2000 feeling completely directionless in life I discovered somersoft and was enthralled with a new way of seeing the world. The Wife was like no-one I ever met and she inspired and intimidated me in...
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    Rewarding good tenants

    I agree. If you start you need to do it consistently. I do once off ones if what I am doing is really inconveniencing them. I did a hamper for each tenant in the block once when they lost their off street parking for a while.
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    Statistical analysis

    What information are you looking for in the stats?
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    Changing lending climates - How will the brokers reinvent themselves?

    Do the banks have greater freedom in terms of their serviceability model if the LVR is under a certain level or will it be equally restrictive at all levels?
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    Subdividing and keeping both properties

    It might also be possible to apply for two dwellings on one title and subdivide down the track when it suits. It would mean paying less in terms of land tax, rates etc. but you would need to check tax and financing implications.
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    What economic group did you grow up in?

    I guess lower middle class. Educated but hippy following their dreams. We lived much of our childhood under the poverty line but in a blue ribbon suburb. Later we would have been middle class I guess. Dad was clueless with money. Mum was great at budgeting and saving but not investing...
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    Did I completely misunderstand what vacancy rates meant all along!??

    You need to also keep in mind that segments of the rental market will have hugely different vacancy rates than others so the overall number is pretty meaningless. I think a chat to one or two competent property managers in the area will soon give you a much clear idea of what is and isn't in...
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    BCC hitting properties with 5 individuals/ granny flats again

    So in Brisbane you cant apply for two dwellings under one title?
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    what is it about YOU?

    I think success and personal growth mean very different things to different people. I think once you find something you are passionate about its hard to understand why others don't feel the same way. I do like surrounding myself with passionate people but none of the significant people...
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    Melb Prop Meeting Tues 19 May - Investors reveal passive income through property dev Is this your main business?
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    What is your end strategy?

    Hi Rixter, I was wondering how your plan worked out. How has it worked financing wise now you are no longer PAYE? Are you dependent upon certain bank products existing? Are there risks that you foresee?
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    I'm getting lost!

    I think one thing to be mindful of is not stretching yourself too thin. If you are establishing a business and your partner is self employed for only one year you might be better off focusing on building up those business rather than pulling yourselves in three directions?