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    Subdivision and New Build - Virginia QLD

    Letiha copy a link to this SS thread over to PC and continue the conversation. I'm interested to follow the journey.
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    Is there a way for landlords to join forces and boycott kmart?

    Oh.. my 2 favorite forumites both moving over to PC...
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    SS very first posts

    Omg.... Some people reckon I shouldn't say bad things about my mum and dad but... MLB sounds like my mum and dad...
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    SS very first posts

    Agree! Dont leave us hanging!
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    Six figure deposit and want to get into Sydney property market

    I dont think its a good time to buy residental property in Sydney in all honesty. The value is basically not there and you've basically missed the last boom phase. If however, you can find a massively undervalued property near the city by some freak of nature, buy it, but they are rare as hens...
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    Buyer wants to cancel contract..can they?

    Basically you still have the contract but if the buyer can just pull out, that would be unfair on you. Ask your solicitor but I guess as compensation you would get to keep the deposit (note, i'm not a legal person, so its only a guess on my part).
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    Which Charity(ies) to donate to?

    Hi Willster, Have you been on the new forum? There's a thread on there on this topic!
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    End of an Era

    You had better get in contact with Sim.
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    I can't believe how RIDICULOUSLY expensive a 1 bedroom unit in Sydney is!!!

    I know.... So now I'm planning on buying a house in Brisbane on over 800sqm, near trains, with water views and that's cheaper than each of my vanilla flavoured, run of the mill IPs in Suburban Sydney, all in strata complexes too so there's not too much you can do externally to value add...
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    Low rise apartment block with lift

    It mightnt be a great idea... I have a unit in a complex of 72, with 2 lifts. One of the lifts needed replacing 2 or 3 years ago and that cost $125k spilt between 72 owners. If you're ok with potentially having that amount shared by 20 owners, then by all means. Lifts also need ongoing...
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    Somersoft Goodbye Thread

    Feels like i'm on the Titantic, as the good ship goes down, i'm staying on till the end...
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    Executive committee chairperson constantly harassing my tenants

    Its an old post.... I followed up with the tenants, they sent me a long list of all the things the neighbour was doing, shocking stuff including threatening to killing some animals (by strangulation) in the front of the kids. I could post the whole letter on this forum to live forever... its a...
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    End of an Era

    Thanks guys... Gunna miss Somersoft for sure :( So sad!!! Now this is a surprise to me, for sure. I learnt of this forum back around in 2007 (or a tad later) via Sim at a meetup event in Chatswood. This forum and the meetups have opened my eyes wide open to see whats possible. Many IPs later, I...
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    Are Chinese boom suburbs the mining boom suburbs of tomorrow

    I heard someone say that they have a granny flat in the area of the school catchment and they have a tenant that only uses it for the address just so they could be in the school catchment! That was $300 a week a few years ago. I think the family doesnt live there.
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    New Investor: Hi to the forum

    Hi Scheept, welcome to the forum! That was a long post :) I was thinking, you do not have much deposit. If you are ready to invest, you could look into vendor financing, especially where the vendor finances your deposit. Your income is good, therefore you would have no issues on...