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    Have to buy PPOR in Darwin...HELP!

    Anyone? Bumpity-bump...
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    Have to buy PPOR in Darwin...HELP!

    Hi Guys, My wife and I need a place of our own in Darwin. This is less a financial decision, more an emotional one. We love Darwin and will be staying. Still....I don't want to go financially under just to get a roof either. The Darwin market is slowing down. The mining boom is ending...
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    Converting land to shares for an expat

    Hi Guys, I'm new here. I'm an aussie expat living in Vietnam. I own 3 properties outright (in oz) - one house (my sister lives in it - no rent but no costs - it's fine with me) and 2 blocks of land. One block Is worth 80k the other is worth 100k. I'm thinking of selling the 100k block and...