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    Interesting Scenario

    Doesn't instil a lot of faith in the RE industry!
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    Do you know your neighbours names?

    Personally I have resided in the same town now for over 50yrs, and my wife and I in the same home for coming on 30yrs, so yes, we know most people in our small community. (Approx. 750). Having been the local butcher and my wife a local High School teacher has allowed us to have great...
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    Can you service your existing debts if rates rise to 10% or 18%

    If rates were to rise by a full 2%, those without the correct structures in place I believe would feel the squeeze.
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    2015-2016 Budget

    You wouldn't trust the current mob of Labor pollies to run a School canteen. They'd probably want to put pink batts in the ceiling!
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    Illawarra region for CG

    Thanks Knightm for your comprehensive post and link. You obviously have a great understanding of your local area.
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    Illawarra region for CG

    Certainly wasn't meaning to offend. Was just genuinely curious as to what properties were being purchased and for what reasons, as I reside on the North coast in a similar coastal environment.
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    Potential negative gearing changes

    Given that some of these investors you are talking about would be Pollies, I think not.
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    Illawarra region for CG

    So am I to take it that the investors are purchasing holiday rentals as opposed to full time rentals? If so, I don't think the climate lends itself to well to this strategy. Nice over the Xmas holidays, but the remainder of the year......?
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    Illawarra region for CG

    Thanks for those chilliblue. Do you feel these numbers would have increased considerably since then, and if so, why?
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    Illawarra region for CG

    The ex-Sydney siders would be retirees I suspect, so are not looking for employment opportunities. The upgrades to infrastructure, primarily roads no doubt has been positive for the area. Are young families moving to the area and if so, what industries are they finding employment in?
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    Illawarra region for CG

    What do you see as the driving force/forces behind the increases?
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    Have you ever paid over asking price?

    I would of thought that an astute investor would see that paying "overs" is a waste. Why not move onto another investment that ticks all the boxes. There are plenty of fish in the sea.
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    Aussie slang

    That is a Fully Sick reply!
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    Have you ever paid over asking price?

    This is a very good point. Why waste money at any time?
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    REPEATED: What advice would you give yourself 10 years ago that you know now?

    To invest in major capital cities for capital gains as opposed to regionals where capital gains have been hard to come by. However, personally I could not live in a city.