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    Interest in Advance Rate worse then Variable!!

    I'm with CBA and have wealth package. Sorry about my last reply. The bank are at 4.4 so your 4.29 sounds good. I'd better speak to them ASAP
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    Interest in Advance Rate worse then Variable!!

    Shahin, I'm talking about paying 1 years interest in advance rate, not new lending. What are the rates you put up? Thanks
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    Interest in Advance Rate worse then Variable!!

    I've been quoted 4.4% as me Interest in advance for the next Financial year. That's .2 worse than my variable. Just checking that it's the going rate with the SS team. I've got to do it this year as I had a CGT event. The rate seems a little soft. I'm also a bit worried about what rate and IO...
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    Proposed Heritage listing on building - BCC

    I've had a letter from the Brisbane City Council proposing to list a brick boarding house I own as a local heritage place, the process will take over 6 months and I get a chance to have my say in around August. Just wondering if anyone has gone through anything similar. Any tips on the...
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    Will Brisbane outperform Sydney over the next 12 months?

    I saw this auction today It went for $2.18mill. That's some good dollars in Bris even in one of the tightest held locals. I reckon 18 months ago might have got $1.7mill (guess). This property would have had flooding within...
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    Does Brisbane still stack up?

    These threads are very interesting to me as you could bag or love any city market in Aus depending on your point of view. Try justifying the current Sydney market as an investor!!! In the end a boom involves exuberance that you can't comprehend until it's happening. You've got to be in it to win...
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    sceptical about QLD

    How's that weather going down in Sydney Bonanza? I hope no one copped to much damage though.
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    sceptical about QLD

    Floods effect a tiny percentage of properties in SE QLD, hail storms happen all over Aus. We don't get the fires of NSW. The media loves to hype a natural disaster they've got a lot of time to fill
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    Interest savings by using creditcard

    Credit card surcharges fees easily eat up interest savings and points and most transactions have them now.
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    Somersoft leading indicator through the roof

    Just speaking to an insurance builder today he said the 20 minute hail storm has outdone the floods dollar wise in the private sector, in brisbane at least. Got to say pre Xmas things where moving in a very positive direction in a the inner ring, not sure what it's done since. Seemed to be...
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    St George 5 yrs fixed

    What rate is foreseeable over the next few years, 2.99%? :D
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    Upcoming Brisbane Storm

    Do you think BOM would better serve us by talking up the best case scenario. Maybe they could tell us the least rainfall that might fall or the weakest wind strength, now that would be helpful! Never been much for ranting but Jerry you've got me going.
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    Upcoming Brisbane Storm

    In the last three years we've had two "epic" storms and an ex cyclone tomorrow. The hail storm caused over $180k damage to one of my commercial properties. It's still covered in 400 square meters of plastic tarps with ropes holding them down, no of which will benefit from strong winds and...
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    Upcoming Brisbane Storm

    Just up late watching the tracker on BOM. Still got tarps after the hail storm so don't want the rain or the wind!
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    "Offers Over"

    At least it's not "Offers Under" like this one :confused: I'll offer $1