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    Removing stubborn old tiles & lino

    Hmmm...covering the bathroom floor with levelling compound and then tiling over sounds like a better option. No, these tiles are WAY beyond simply painting, they're all falling off the wall anyway, and the shower needs to be waterproofed. As for the kitchen floor, underneath the ugll lino, is...
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    Removing stubborn old tiles & lino

    Hi All, My firstest ever reno is going along slowly, but surely. Presently, I am removing ancient floor coverings in the kitchen and bathroom. Under the lovely brown kitchen carpet, are lino squares which are stuck to the bare cement floor good and proper. I am slowly chipping away with a...
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    How to polish floorboards?

    Hi All, My modem died, this is the first time I've been on since starting thread. I forgot to mention that whilst the lounge/dining floorboards are brand new, I'll also be polishing the original (1891?) boards in the two bedrooms and the front hall, so it's all relevant. Thanks guys :)...
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    How to polish floorboards?

    This might be one for you, GeoffW. (or any other accomplished floor sanders and polishers) This PPOR I am buying has brand new, but unvarnished or polished timber flooring in the lounge/dining areas - a half finished reno. As I am a newbie in town, I don't yet trust the locals to give me good...
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    1BR Furnished Unit

    Very neat little unit! Can I ask what this one rents out for in total? Is the feature wall the green one at the back? Um, contrast certainly is the operative word ;) Being fully furnished, you can collect 6 weeks bond money, instead of four, right? HG in The Hill
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    Two Very Good Questions.....

    Question 1: If you knew a woman who was pregnant, who had 8 kids already, three who were deaf, two who were blind, one mentally retarded, and she had syphilis; would you recommend that she have an abortion? Read the next question before scrolling down to the answer of this one. Question 2...
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    Star Signs?

    I'm surprised there aren't more Scorps here. I mean, aren't we supposed to be lying, cheating, ambitious, greedy bastards who want it all and would happily sleep their way to the top? A scorpio would supposedly sell/kill his or her own mother if it meant making money. I once read a very funny...
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    New kitchen benchtop using mosaic tiles?

    Manny, Could be a good look if you used the right coloured tiles - they did a brightly coloured tiled mosaic splashback on (I think)'Auction Squad' the other week which looked awesome, but I reckon that even with grout protector, a tiled kitchen benchtop may be somewhat unhygenic.... HG...
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    Panning & designing a total renovation

    Um, don't talk to me about the book, man! Last week my PC crashed and I had to do a total hard drive rebuild. I lost EVERYTHING! I have old hard copies of the manuscript laying around, but will need to do the last few edits again. I've given up on getting it published, and am now thinking that...
  10. glutton for punishment?

    glutton for punishment?

    Someone has started this reno by plastering all the internal linings among other things, but still a loooooong way to go!
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    Panning & designing a total renovation

    Hi Acey, I've just been checking out your 'Higgins' reno. Looks like a huge job. Are we talking Higgins in Can'tberra, just out of curiosity? Good idea about the tiles but, um, this bathroom is so bad there are no tiles, except in the shower - just bare linings. The vendor has started the...
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    Very true, Mr Cookie Monster. BTW, Roz, we wanna see the finished wallpaper before & after ok? Hobbie reno'er
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    Panning & designing a total renovation

    Hi All Ok, very shortly, I'm about to start my very first reno of my very first PPOR. YAY! How excitement!! :D I have zero knowledge/experience, but plan to have much fun learning to do as much of it as I can. I should be able to manage just by hiring a plumber, a sparkie and an el cheapo...
  14. the carpeted kitchen

    the carpeted kitchen

    OK, I couldn't resist! Here is the offending carpeted kitchen for your viewing pleasure - with, you guessed it Jean, lime green kichen cupboards! Just beautiful! ...although I can't work out how it attach it to the relevant thread.
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    mmm...Hobart is a place I've not been yet. Whilst on the topic of hideous carpet, can anyone tell me why these old places insist on having revolting brown swirly 1970's carpet in the kitchens??? I've seen three carpeted kitchens just this week! What is WITH that???!