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    Unit Trust or Buy Individually?

    I'm in the market for my first IP. To date I've been looking to make this purchase in my name. I have a long-term investment horizon and I'm keen to build a decent property portfolio over the next decade. However, a friend has suggested we should pull our resources together, start a property...
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    IPs in South Perth, WA

    thanks sam! appreciate it.....
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    IPs in South Perth, WA

    Interesting a matter of interest Perth Investor, why would you not spend $600-$700 on your first or tenth IP? Am I missing something obvious here...... Samwise - if you don't mind sharing, what is the place/address that is for sale next door?
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    IPs in South Perth, WA

    Hey everyone - still coming up the learning curve here, so thanks for all the great posts to date. I'm in the early stages of considering my first investment property and have been looking into 3 bedroom homes/townhomes in SOUTH PERTH, WA. There is obviously a premium to get into this suburb...
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    Cash flow loses again Capital Gains?

    Hey everyone - is it possible to offset capital gains with cash flow loses for an IP? Or can cash flow loses only be offset against cash flow gains? By cash flow I refer to the monthly lose or gain when rent, mortgage payments, expenses etc are taken into account. By capital gains I refer to...