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    Melbourne May 2010 Somersoft Meeting - Doncaster

    Hi there, I'd like to attend on 26th May. cheers Regular Lurker!
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    REIV predicts next hot spots
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    IP in Hoppers Crossing/Werribee (VIC)

    Hoppers, werribee, wyndham vale - leave the investment buying there to those who live around there. Once you've lived in the inner, middle or even outer east, you can never appreciate the demographic, the culture, the look or the feel of the soul-less western suburbs. Yes as investors we should...
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    Melbourne Outer Suburbs - Ripple Effect

    In the Herald Sun - "Rate rises did not cool market interest in a "quirky" 3 bedroom house at 6 Catherine St, Ringwood. 50 bids took the price $61K over the reserve to $531,000. If you lookm at the quirkiness of this house - you had to walk throuhg a bathroom to get to a bedroom - to achieve...
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    Melbourne Outer Suburbs - Ripple Effect

    sorry, can you explain what your living in Ringwood for 10 years has to do with the property prices there ? and it surely is not unsustainable... this area will continue to grow due to upcoming development.. surely, if blackburn, mitcham etc have grown exponentially, then there'll be some...
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    Dandenong, VIC.

    can you share the residex report ?
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    Victoria's homes bonanza

    Might as well have been the last week, considering next weekend is AFL grand final and is traditionally one of the quitest weekends atleast for victoria but i agree - a bit less of the grant is not going to deter most people.. This year there have been many surprises and I think one of the...
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    Victoria's homes bonanza Is it really booming again? And how about the house in Ringwood - "And a three-bedroom brick veneer in Ringwood sold for $701,000. It was on the market at $500,000." I think this spells great things...