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    best broadband supplier

    The best place to search for a plan and find out what people are saying is It has a forum (much like this one) except it's dedicated to internet plans and technology rather than investment properties.
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    Just bought my first IP!

    Welcome to the IP game pawprints. Care to share any details about your purchase?
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    Additional conveyancing costs. Am I being ripped off?

    Sounds a little expensive to me. My PPOR and first IP cost $650 all up. Ben
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    How to Redraw "parked" funds in Investment Property Loan

    Thanks Tracey. That's good news for me but bad news for Fee :(
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    How to Redraw "parked" funds in Investment Property Loan

    Hi guys, I'm interested to know if Fee had an offset account associated with the IP loan would he be able to temporarily park those funds and withdraw at a later time without losing the tax deductability of the IP loan?
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    Professional photographer - worth every cent!

    Hi GoAnna, Great job on the apartment. May I ask the approximate cost of using the photographer? Thanks Ben
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    What interest rate are you paying?

    Variable rates for PPOR & IP 8.67% and LOC 8.77% with ANZ
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    property management %

    I'm just signing up with my first property manager. In my initial telephone conversation he quoted 7% but then reduced it to 6% with a 1 week letting fee and no monthly statement charge. Then I rang back to confirm all the prices and services and he dropped it down to 5% + GST and I didn't...
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    Stacked Stones

    I just finished putting up some stack stone on a feature wall in my backyard. I ended up paying about $65 a sqm from tjimports. A really good price. You can find them here You also have to purchase the bonding cement and isolastic but those materials are...
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    New Tax Ruling for Capitalising Interest

    Hi all, I just stumbled across this article in The Age about a new tax ruling for capitalising interest. Thought it might be of interest.
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    Calculating How Much Equity You Have Available

    Just a quick note to say the issues have now been resolved. Thanks to Michael Whyte for helping me out. Ben
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    Calculating How Much Equity You Have Available

    Hi again, Thanks for the feedback. There'll be a new release shortly so the site may be down.
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    The Power of Compounding

    Yes you are right Belu. One to many days in my calculations. Luckily for me 2008 is a leap year and actually contains 366 days. Looks like I lucked out on that one :D
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    The Power of Compounding

    Hi all, I was just having a conversation with a colleague about my profit in last nights OzLotto. On a $19.80 investment I managed to make a 3.8% profit. Not bad for one nights work. However he thought it was rather dismal. So I said well if I made 3.8% every day for a year on that $19.80...
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    Calculating How Much Equity You Have Available

    Hi all, I'm not sure whether this is going to be of value but I thought I'd put it out there. I've developed an equity calculator that determines how much available equity you can use for investing in property or stocks. It's only a new development so I'd appreciate any feedback. You can...