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    buying a house with tenants living there with out a lease

    We had the same issue. Property was self managed and absolutely no records of tenants paying. Tenants wanted to stay on and even lied to us about the actual rent they paid when it came for them to sign up a lease. Rent being paid was advertised when the property was being sold. We only signed...
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    today in SMH - Are all your friends talking property

    would love to see what people's thoughts are on this I have only recently started feeling slightly comfortable talking about property around friends. Largely due...
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    REPEATED: What advice would you give yourself 10 years ago that you know now?

    Communication and Knowledge Meeting the right people (Positive people) Do not stress out too much. Things always work out
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    Keeping Track of Everything.. HELP!

    I am a gmail, google drive and dropbox user. For reminders and other notes I have a google calendar setup specifically for IP's Have relevant folders set up in my gmail account to which the emails can be moved to. This shows me the status of emails in each relevant folder (read/not read)...
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    Your top 3 reads related to investing

    1. Somersoft 2. Asking more questions 3. Rich Dad Poor Dad
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    Property Buying Checklist

    Thanks for this comprehensive list.
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    Thank You from a Newbie

    Hello I just wanted to say thank you to all on the forum. It has been a minefield of a learning curve for me including the non property related topics as well. Was introduced to this forum by another Somersoftian (Virgo - Thank You) nearly a year ago and I have not looked back since...