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    Open Wealth Creation

    A guy from OWC had a phone meeting with me this week. He said that he just joined the company for 3 months. I asked how many properties he got, he said 2. Then he tried to set my financial goal with me - I told him I already set my goal in 2012. Then he tried to explain to me about the...
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    Granny flat has no form 21 final certificate

    I have checked with the council. There is a draft plan that allows "unrelative" accommodation. The draft plan will be in effect within months.
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    Granny flat has no form 21 final certificate

    I am not sure if I can get the following condition into the contract: "Final occupancy certificate must be obtained before I settle" Given that my finance has been approved, the contract will become unconditional at 5pm on Monday. I am really scared that the original builder might come...
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    Granny flat has no form 21 final certificate

    Rang up and checked with the council, and council said that the granny flat has been approved for "relative accommodation".
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    Granny flat has no form 21 final certificate

    I am the buyer of the property having 2 houses (the old main house and 5-week old granny flat) on the land. Owner did not disclose that he still owes the builder $11250 when I signed the contract. I asked for builder warranty and I was told that there is none. I contacted the builder yesterday...
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    Granny flat has no form 21 final certificate

    Hi There are 2 weeks left to settle for a property with a newly built granny flat. There are a few things that have not yet finished. For example, electricity has not yet separated from the main house. There is a gap between window and wall. It should have been filled with cements. I asked owner...
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    BASIX certificate for garage converted granny flat

    Hi, I am applying BASIX certificate for my garage converted granny flat. There is one item that I am struggling to pass - the energy. I need 40 to pass but I only got 12 now BEFORE adding the score for hot water system. The existing electric storage hot water system (score 2) is dragging...
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    Accountant needed in North Shore Sydney

    Hi I am thinking of setting up a SMSF and also a trust to buy my next property. Could someone recommand a good accountant in North Shore area in Sydney please? Thanks in advance
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    Shower waterproofing becomes a bathroom reno

    Hi, I am in the process of regularise my garage converted 36-sqm granny flat. The granny flat has been there for around 20 years. Council requires the following 1. on concrete slab & plastic sheeting on top of concrete slab 2. minimum height of 2.4m 3. laundry to be installed (a tap...
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    Granny Flat lease agreement

    Posties are normally very good at judging where to put. If there is no 19A, posties will put in 19. Then tenants will sort it out themselves. If you can, put up another letter box with 19A on it.
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    Cost to install a separate electricity for granny flat

    Has anyone asked an electrician to install a new electricity wiring from main street plus an independent switch box before? How much will it cost? My granny flat is connected with a single wire to main house's switch box and it constantly got tripped off. Hot water system, lights, oven, TV...
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    Finding Tenants Online

    Welcome to the world of DIY landlord! It is not easy but it is definitely a good learning experience. Gumtree is a good source of new tenants but I found that most of them will not have "proper" rental history. That is, most of them will rent from a private landlords, not from agent. Since...
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    Poolshed for dwelling purpose

    Hi I purchased a property with a pool and a poolshed. The poolshed has a kitchen (without stove), and bathroom. I rented out to a large family and the adult kid lives in the poolshed. Someone reported to council and a building surveyor came to inspect the poolshed. A few days later...
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    Upper North Shore Sydney meeting

    Hi, I live in Upper North Shore in Sydney. I am very enthusiastic about property investing. I have bought 2 and am very keen to learn more. I am looking for someone who is enthusiastic about property investing and is willing to share stories/experience/strategies with me. I am sure we can...
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    more people live in IP than agreed number

    Hi, I have a 3-bed property with an agreed number of tenants inside - the single mum and her two daughters. 6 months later, the single mum told me that she is engaged and her partner is moving in. Q1. What do you normally do in this situation? I am thinking of increasing the rent by...