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    Rental furniture for a good sale?

    +1 Especially for OO demographic Speak to 3 agents in area for staging coy suggestions?!
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    Is this forum making you feel inadequate?

    +1 The forum is proof that you don't need to reinvent the wheel, there's a lot than can be learnt on SS...the yardsticks and milestones should be your own.
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    tenant tells PM they're vacating

    Change agents.
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    PPOR Wishlists: what do you like/wish for/fantastic ideas etc

    ..probably go for a heated granite pool with a underwater stereo heated granite pool with a underwater stereo two-lane bowling alley full bar and disco rock climbing wall full spa facility The "recreation pavilion", features a skateboarder's halfpipe The Sandcastle House...
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    Mould - DIY Fix or Mould Specialist ?

    Had my unit treated and fogged, some structural repairs done, dehumidifier installed (or is about to, arrives tomorrow) all by a professional, and a new bathroom fan installed. The report suggested all the above, also I looked online with the REA to get the same suggested dehumidifier $100+...
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    What's that damn website?
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    my new favorite quote

    Laziness will cause you pain.
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    Is Frankston Going to Boom?

    Thanks alicudi always good to see numbers...much work done to these?
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    Interest Rates Will Not Rise Anytime Soon

    2 more since then. Interesting. One more big one left.
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    What is/isn't covered by Body Corporate and when does it become insurance claim?

    Check your BC insurance policy booklet etc to be certain. You should be able to find the insurer & the policy number etc in your insurance certificate (in the strata docs at purchase?).
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    Moral dilemma

    lol ... :D
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    Interest Rates Will Not Rise Anytime Soon

    CBA cuts 70bp from its five-year fixed mortgage rate to 4.99pc lol +1 :D Interesting from the CBA today.
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    cheap ways to add value

    Everyone's pretty much covered most things. I painted the porch with concrete paint and the back steps. Made it look a lot better, totally different actually. Try to keep a common paint theme throughout if making changes. +1 for zimby's comments also.
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    And you think you know a dodgy RE?

    Why would the REA go along with it? Wouldn't they advise against it?
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    YIKES! Keep an eye on CAIRNS!!

    Agree. :) +1