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    Gobsmaacked over plumbers quote

    Indeed. In my experience, the inverse holds true.
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    Buying or Renting In Small Country Town

    I would not be too pessimistic about Casterton. Whether you buy or rent you are living in one of the most beautiful places in the state. This is just speculation, but Casterton has good hospital facilities, and I wonder if this will be attractive to those baby-boomer aged farmers who are...
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    Maryborough and Castlemaine

    Georges, I'm unable to tell you whether to invest in these places, but as a Melburnian I can tell you that Castlemaine is very popular with thirty-something inner city people wanting a tree change. The town is very attractive, not too far from Melbourne (but not really commuting distance...
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    Starting out

    Hi Talby, I am also new here and others will have much better advice than me. I just wanted to make a couple of quick points. First, buying in Footscray shouldn't be considered having to settle. I would be ecstatic if I could afford to buy there. And with your $15,000 deposit, are you sure...
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    New here, about to take the plunge!

    Thanks everyone, for your support and encouragement. Lily, I will add Mildura to my list of possibilities. I know that I could spend more and get a better return in the end, but I haven't been able to find anyone to go halves with me on a property - most people think I'm a bit odd for...
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    New here, about to take the plunge!

    Hi Bill, These are all good questions. The reason for investing is tricky. I am good with saving money, but am hopeful that mortgage repayments on a property will help with providing enough equity for me to be able to buy a house of my own one day. I'm willing to hold the property for...
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    New here, about to take the plunge!

    Hi everyone, It's my first post. I know these kinds of questions get asked all the time, but the parameters and statistics seem to change so rapidly in the property market! I'd like to buy an IP, with roughly neutral cashflow. Rather than get all excited, rush out and buy someting...