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    Brisbane Buyers agent

    That's great to hear as Karen is also a fellow REBAA member. Her enthusiasm, efficiency and service has all been positive from what I've heard too :)
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    Looking for a buyers agent - Brisbane

    Andrew's details here, along with the 9 other REBAA members in QLD. Happy property hunting!
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    Buyers Agent - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane

    Hi Matt Scott is right- there are a few BAs who moonlight across two states but given that you need to have men/women on the ground, it's not common, unless the buyers agency has offices across states. Given that most buyers agencies aren't franchised nor large enough to have multiple...
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    End of an Era

    Oh Les long time no see! I well remember our meetings back in the day and those treks to the Inner West (even breaking down at one stage :D) Hope all is well with you and you'll join PropertyChat to stay in cybertouch :)
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    Using BA in a hot market...

    Well put Paul- your brand names matches the logic :) Agree with others that it's not just about hard work, it's also largely about networking/contact on an ongoing basis. The power of this can't be underestimated, as well as the relationships built up over the years with selling agents. For...
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    End of an Era

    NOOOOOOO!!!! :eek::eek:: So very very sad to see this end as I've been addicted to this place for so long, it's going to leave a gaping hole in my online social life:p ..... Thankyou so so much to the generous Somers, Sim and all the hardworking mods for keeping this going as long as it has...
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    Budget around $800k - Glenwood ?

    We know this area very very well :D having bought for many clients across the last decade and, along with the rest of the buying population, have seen the huge rises in prices paid particularly in the last 6-9mths. Demand has outstripped supply for this entry-level buying price bracket so...
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    Using BA in a hot market...

    What do you mean JH? Are you offering an extra $5-10K on top of the current median house/unit price for every property you find for sale in a particular suburb? I'm are you ascertaining fair price? $50K above reserve isn't uncommon right now and in fact, may well be a solid...
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    Anyone thoughts on Morningside or Norman Park

    Depends on your budget. We have an IP house in nearby Balmoral and it has always been rented with minimal issues. I know locals consider NP better than Morningside however :)
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    Using BA in a hot market...

    Hi Arashi It can be false economy in a moving market to take longer to buy. Using a BA cuts the timeframe, makes the process more efficient and you benefit from our contacts, knowledge, expertise and experience. I wrote a blog on this a couple of years ago...
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    Baulkham Hills Development

    Good for you Shahin and congrats on taking the risk here! Timing nice too :D
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    1st IP - Sydney - Parra? Macquarie Park?

    Hi Zubs Firstly congrats on paying off so much of your mortgage - great achievement! You really don't need to spend $800K or anywhere near this for a bread and butter type unit IP in either of these areas. Parra will provide better yields than Macq Park area (mainly due to lower entry...
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    Journey so far - $75k salary (average), 5 years, 10 properties

    Hi Simon A huge congrats for your journey and portfolio so far! I think you are particularly inspiring material for those young people who haven't yet begun working on the property ladder and kudos to you for taking early action. So many people become caught up in the "what if" brigade and...
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    Brisbane BA needed

    Hi Tasksta Only just saw this but glad you got onto Karen. She is a fellow REBAA colleague and REIQ Award winner too so I'm sure you will be pleased. Keep us posted and best of luck in securing something soon!
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    See Change and Richard Feynman . let's hype the sydney market thread .

    I commented on this on my FB page.... set the record for this suburb but interestingly the guide was $1.65m+ and the reserve was $2,050, sold for $430K over.