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    buying off the plan- advise needed

    bought a off the plan townhouse at Wantirna South in 2007 - joelson avenue. It's not a bad area however IR were pretty high and they took their sweet time to build close to 1 year which cost me in repayments. i did however sell it before it was even built. Made quite a small margin - i think the...
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    Which area's in melbourne will go up in the next year or two?

    Saw the herald sun the top suburbs in melbourne with 100% auction rates for 2010 were like ormond, mulgrave and bentleigh.
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    Renovating- Sell or Hold??

    Depends what financial position and goals and objectives you have Some want to grow their portfolio and may have high income to supplement their loans as well as growing equity. Some may want to sell quick just for cashflow or lifestyle purposes.
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    Richmond off the plan apartments?

    really? maybe off the plan
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    Melbourne's Hot Property Market

    i don't think chinese foreigners represent a high majority in property prices. They only are highly represented in some suburbs in melbourne that i know. You won't see many of them buying or counter bidding in dandenong, frankston, mt eliza, hoppers crossing or certain suburbs. Interest free...
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    Glenn Stephen's comments this week

    True.. i believe interest rates will have some impact Within this last year, i bought 4 (2 yet to settle till late May and June) and sold 2 which leaves me 3 properties (one which i just moved in 1st march). I going to sell the one i've moved in and move to parent's place in Doncaster East...
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    Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

    melbourne doesn't really have that many insects i believe:)
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    Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

    Anybody knows of a good supplier installer of aluminium bi-fold doors?
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    Melbourne's Hot Property Market

    yup - got some news from some agents (the ones with the offices in china). there are list of 2000 of them looking ard melbourne (the ones who have the approval to buy). There are specific areas etc, schools etc. Don't disagree... there is some risk. i'm trying to offload one of my properties to...
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    Boronia vs. Doncaster East

    brother and parents bought a place in (roger st) Doncaster east last feb 385k for 3 bedroom landed unit (those in group of 4). They did some renos i felt were overkill 5 air conditioners, extended long deck some top end kitchen and bathroom. But their neghbour sold theirs recenlty for 650K...
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    Additional bathroom or bedroom

    See what the design allows for - sometimes a bedroom sometimes a bathroom
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    Off the Plan in St Kilda

    not sure abt fitzroy - i know other suburbs like south melb, southbank, carlton you can still find for that price range. then again you have already stated your financial position and your stance . so it's down to timing and preference. Capital growth - might be a bit hard for 62sqm coz . the...
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    Which area's in melbourne will go up in the next year or two?

    Do a search on point cook saw a couple of...
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    Off the Plan in St Kilda

    62 sqm is pretty small..fro a 2 bedroom. you can get 83sqm and above in CBD for the ard 530K if you look carefully give or take the stamp duty 23K so it comes to 555K as oppose to 545K then again it does come down to personal preference and your finances.
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    Which area's in melbourne will go up in the next year or two?

    I would go with other areas - point cook -hmmmmm if you keep driving you can see large pieces of land still waiting to be developed. Why would somoene buy your place say 2 years dow the track when he could have a new place? although the land sizes maybe slightly smaller..the house size is still...