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    Who pays - LL or Tennat

    The only time this would be a tenant issue is if they caused the need for repair. Both of these would be pretty difficult to blame on the tenant. They couldn't really pull the switch off the wall. You couldn't prove that the tenant was over tightening the tap and damaging the washer.
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    Drawing up a private rental agreement

    Yeah Keifer's RTA form is the one. If you have any questions in regards to how to fill it in. Let us know we might be able to help.
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    1 yr lease expiring... should I let it go to continuation

    Question, when you checked with your CBA insurance did you make sure that they would pay over a month in loss of rent if the tenant absconded. With a fixed term lease most insurers will pay rent up and until a new tenant is found. I am surprised that they would pay that for a periodic lease...
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    Share house property management thoughts??

    Depends on the share house. Recently worked with a lady who had a share house with 4 rooms. Place was a bit of a dump and they didn't keep it maintained, but it was cheap at around $135 a week per room. Main issue was it always took longer than other properties to rent. Although saying that...
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    Thanks Sez. Keep us posted. I hope the damage isn't too bad.
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    Advice on AGM's - worth attending?

    Yeah it is worth you going. My partner is chairman of a building in Queensland, most investors don't attend the AGM. But he enjoys it when they do.
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    Updating TICA default records.

    Oh ..... sounds like they should be staying on Tica then.
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    I'm interviewing 2 pms. What to show them?

    Double check they are the PM and not the BDM (Business development manager). You want to meet the one who is managing your property. Also ask will they be the only one managing the property or do they have assistants or split positions within the department. E.G does someone do inspections...
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    Updating TICA default records.

    If they paid the debt back in reasonable time then they should have no problem getting their name off TICA.
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    Delays in getting your bond

    Make a claim for the bond yourself. At least this will get the ball rolling. The agent will be contacted by the bond board and forced to lodge the paperwork.
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    Investing in properties with pools

    Tenants and pools generally don't mix. Another advantage as a landlord sending the pool guy around each month is that they can keep an eye out for you on how well the property is being maintained. Tenants expect to pay for the chemicals and should do most of the maintenance. Your pool...
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    IP vacant - how to reduce vacancy time

    Just a comment on the BBQ FJO. You need to be really really careful supplying one with tenancy. Actually I would advise all landlords NOT to do so. The potential for safety issues and the dramas at end of tenancy when left full of grease etc is an absolute nightmare. You are also leaving...
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    Bunnings has a chemical termite spray that you can spray and soak timber around their trail area and it should stop them going any further. Termite guys generally don't like you disturbing them, as it can send them into hiding making it harder for treatment. But really if it saves the house...
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    Increasing Rent on Periodic lease

    Na, If that happened tenants would never sign the new lease. It automatically takes affect regardless of if they sign a new lease or not.
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    Tenant & Agent vs Landlord?

    Just claim the loss through your landlord insurance and move on. Not worth the grief. You have no guarantee with the tribunal either. We had a hearing where the tenant claimed they could only pay $5.00 a week. The judge accepted this, so will take them 5 years to pay off the debt.. what...